4 big mistakes that were seen in the show

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This week’s episode of WWE Raw is now over. The Red Brand show was launched this week by WWE Champion Big E. Meanwhile, this week’s show ended with the Fatal 4th Ladder match. Tell me, by winning this match, Seth Rollins has become the No. 1 contender of the WWE Championship. Also seen during this week’s show were segments of new Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair.

At the same time, US champion Damien Priest also appeared fighting the match in a completely new style and it looks like he has taken a heel turn. Meanwhile, Queen Jelena Vega was also seen celebrating winning the Queen of the Ring tournament. It can be seen that some of the best things were seen during this week’s show but at the same time some mistakes were also seen during this show. Let’s take a look at 4 big mistakes that came out of WWE Raw this week without delay.

4- Edge not appearing in WWE Raw

Edge was made part of the Red brand in the WWE Draft and was expected to appear on Raw this week. However, nothing like that was seen and Edge was absent from the show. Chuckin, the Red brand has made a fresh start this week with an episode of Raw so Edge should have been present during the show. Tell, Edge was recently seen facing Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell match at Crown Jewel.

After giving a brilliant performance in this match, Edge managed to defeat Rollins and with this, the feud between these two superstars has ended. The absence of Edge in this week’s episode of Raw raises the question of whether Edge has been on a break for a long time or will return soon.


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