4 current WWE Superstars who lost their championship within minutes of becoming champions

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Every single superstar in the WWE wants to win a championship. Not every superstar gets a chance to capture the title. World titles are very important in WWE and achieving them is not an easy task. Many times superstars have to wait for years and after that they become champions and impress everyone. The Superstars ’championship runs in the WWE don’t stay fixed.

Sometimes superstars lose titles early and sometimes they remain champions for a long time. There have been some occasions in the WWE when superstars have not been champions for a long time. However, on many occasions the superstars have not been champions for even a few minutes. So in this article we are going to talk about 4 current superstars who lost their championship in just a few minutes.

4- WWE Superstar Seth Rollins

# 16 Dean Ambrose wins the Ladder Match for the Contract in Money in the Bank pay-per-view, after cashes against Seth Rollins in Money in the Bank – Jun. 19, 2016 for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship #MITB #WWEMITB #WWE #MoneyInTheBank https://t.co/o6EvV6FIGR

Seth Rollins has made quite a name for himself while working in the WWE and has won numerous world titles. This superstar captured the WWE title in 2016 for just a few seconds. The match between Roman Reyns and Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was seen in Money in the Bank 2016 PPV. This match between the two veterans was tremendous and in the end Saith won a big victory.

He stopped the title run of the Roman Reigns. Dean Ambrose, another former member of The Shield, won the Money in the Bank contract at the same event. Seth didn’t get a chance to celebrate long after the win. Dean Ambrose’s music played and Seth was ready for him. He was waiting for Dean and meanwhile Ambrose came from behind and attacked him. He then cashed in on the contract and recorded a big win. Seth Rollins lost the title in a few minutes in this event.

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