4 WWE Superstars who can actually beat Roman Reyns

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If there is one big wrestler in WWE right now, it is none other than WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns. Roman Reyns returned to the WWE at the end of last year’s SummerSlam. After which he won the WWE title. Roman Reyns has not been beaten since he became the Universal Champion.

Many wrestlers claimed victory but all claims seemed hollow. In Crown Jewel, Brock Lesnar also challenged Roman Reyns to win but he also failed. Here we are going to tell you about the wrestlers who can actually beat Roman Reigns.

4) Braun breakers can beat Roman Reyns in WWE

Braun Breaker has been talked about everywhere since his WWE NXT debut as both his ring style and skills looked tremendous. Braun Breaker has a good art of wrestling that is loved by fans and the pro wrestling business. Braun gives good promos like his uncle Scott Steiner used to give. Braun has quickly made himself a main event wrestler with his style. It is believed that WrestleMania 39 could have a match against Roman Reyns. If that happened then it would be a defeat for Tribal Chief Roman Reyns.

3) – Demon baller can beat Roman Reyns in rematch

Demon King i.e. Finn Baller is a big name in WWE but he could not beat Roman Reyns in Extreme Rules PPV. Values ​​such as baler’s work is still incomplete. Explain that the first time the Universal Championship was brought was when Finn Baller defeated Roman Reyns in the qualifying round. After which Finn Baller failed to beat Roman Reyns in WWE. It is now believed that Finn Baller’s demon incarnation may be given another chance as his character can only beat Roman Reigns.

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