5 Shocking Things That Can Happen In A Crown Jewel

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Everyone is very excited for WWE Crown Jewel. WWE has already announced several big matches for this event. WWE has created a great hype for PPV. An event will be seen in Saudi Arabia after a long time and that is why WWE would like to make Crown Jewel good.

WWE has announced 9 matches so far. 4 of these matches will be for the championship. The finals of the King of the Ring and Queen’s Crown competitions will also be held in this event. WWE has also booked a smash hit Hell in a Cell match and two veteran superstars will also be seen in the No Holds Bard match.

Crown Jewel’s match card looks great. That is why the eyes of the fans remain on the event. If WWE wants to make their event memorable and special, they have to plan some shocks and surprises. This will make this episode explosive and interesting. So in this article we are going to talk about 5 shocking things that can happen in Crown Jewel.

5- Defeating Seth Rollins’ Edge in WWE Crown Jewel

Hell in a Cell match will be seen between Edge and Seth Rollins. This match between them can prove to be quite a bang. All eyes are on this match. There have been two matches between Seth Rollins and Edge before and both of those matches have been explosive. That is why everyone will hope that this match will also be great.

Edge is currently one of WWE’s top babyface superstars. This will probably be the last match of the storyline of the two giants. That is why it is hoped that Edge will record a victory. It would be a big surprise if Seth Rollins wins this match somehow. WWE can surprise all its fans.

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