Aaj Ka Panchang Today is the fifth date of Kartik month, know the auspicious and inauspicious times

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“Today’s पंचांगToday is the fifth date of Kartik month, know the auspicious and inauspicious time.

Today’s पंचांग (Aaj Ka Panchang) 26 October: Today is October 26. Today is the fifth date of Kartik month. Kartik month has special significance in Hinduism. According to the belief, in the month of Kartik, duly worship is done to please Lakshmi ji. There is a tradition of bathing in the Ganges in the month of Kartik. This pleases Lakshmi ji. In this month, the effect of sun and moon rays on the earth keeps the mind and brain of man healthy. According to the belief, taking a bath in the month of Kartik and listening to the story of Mahatmya leads to the attainment of blessed grains. In this month Radha-Damodar Puja, Shaligram Puja, Vishnu Puja and Tulsi Puja benefit the seeker.

Today is Tuesday. Bajrangbali is worshiped on Tuesday. Most of the people keep fast on Tuesdays. According to Skanda Puran, Hanuman ji was born on Tuesday, for this reason this day was dedicated to his worship. On this day, worshiping Bajrangbali with rituals makes him happy, fulfills all the wishes of the devotees and also drives away the troubles. This is the reason why Hanuman ji is also called Sankatmochan. Come पंचांग Know from today’s auspicious and inauspicious time and know how will be the movement of planets today.

26 October 2021- Today’s पंचांग

Today’s date – Kartik Krishna Panchami

Today’s Nakshatra – Ardra

Today’s Karan – Taitil

Today’s Paksha – Krishna

Today’s Yoga – Shiva

Today’s War – Tuesday

Sunrise-sunset and moonrise-moonset times

Sunrise – 6:41:00

Sunset – 06:05:00

Moonrise – 21:40:00

Moonset – 11:22:59

Moon sign – Gemini

Hindu month and year

Shaka Samvat – 1943 Plav

Vikram Samvat – 2078

Kali Samvat – 5122

Day Time – 11:12:49

Month Amant – Ashwin

Month Purnimant – Kartik

Auspicious time – 11:42:32 to 12:27:23

Inauspicious time (inauspicious time)

Wicked Muhurta – 08:43:06 to 09:27:58

Kulik – from 13:12:15 to 13:57:06

Kantak – 07:13:24 to 07:58:15

Rahu Kaal – 15:14:00 to 16:40:00

Kalvela / Ardhyam – 08:43:06 to 09:27:58

Time – 10:12:49 to 10:57:41

Yamgand – 09:16:45 to 10:40:51

Gulik period – 12:23 to 13:49

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