Aaj Ka Panchang 19 March Panchang in Hindi


Aaj Ka Panchang 19 March, Today पंचांग

Aaj Ka Panchang 19 March, Today पंचांग& nbsp


  • Kritika nakshatra on the phalti of Falgun month Shukla Paksha.
  • Worship Lord Lakshmi with the worship of Lord Krishna.
  • Recite Sri Sukta with duly worship of Vishnu in the temple.

Aaj Ka Panchang 19 March 2021: Today, Falgun month is the blessing of Shukla Paksha. Today is Kritika Nakshatra. Today, along with the worship of Lord Krishna, worship Lakshmi also. Do charity today. Today, food donation is very important. Today, worship Lord Vishnu in a temple and read Shri Sukta. Today, there is an infinite merit in reciting Bajrang Baan. Today is Friday. Today is the day of chanting the seed mantra of Venus.

Morning Panchang philosophy, study and meditation is necessary. The knowledge of auspicious and inauspicious times is also with this. Abhijeet Muhurta is the best time. You can start any work during this auspicious time. The Vijay and Godhuli Muhurta is also very beautiful. No work or journey should be started in Rahukaal.

Today’s पंचांग 19 March 2021 (Today Panchang):

date 19 March 2021
day Friday
Month Phalgun, Shukla Paksha
The date Crab
Sunrise 06:31 am
the sunset 06:29 pm
Star Kritika
Sun sign Pisces
Moon sign Taurus
Karan Kaulav
Yoga Toxin

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Auspicious time – Abhijeet 12:07 am to 12: 55 pm
Vijay Muhurta From 02:28 pm to 03:17 pm
Twilight time 06:17 pm to 06:38 pm

Today Rahukaal 06:17 pm to 06:38 pm Will remain During this time, do not do any auspicious work, nor should any Mars work be started.

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