Aaj Ka Panchang Aaj Ka Panchang 29 June 2021 : Aaj Ka Panchang 29 June Today Panchang In Hindi, Aaj Ka Shubh Muhurat And Rahukal, Hindu Calendar 29 June 2021 Daily Panchang, Sunrise Sunset And Moon Time Auspicious Timings And Inauspicious Timings | Aaj Ka Panchang Today’s पंचांग 29 June 2021: Today Panchami date, know Muhurta and auspicious yoga – Panchang

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Rashtriya Mitti Ashadh 08, Shaka Samvat 1943 Ashadh Krishna Panchami Tuesday Vikram Samvat 2078. Saur Ashadh Month Entry 15, Zilkad 18, Hijri 1442 (Muslim) Accordingly English date 29 June 2021 AD. Surya Dakshinayan North Gol, rainy season.

Rahukaal from 03 PM to 04:30 PM. Panchami Tithi starts after 01.24 pm, Shashthi Tithi starts, Shatabhisha Nakshatra starts after midnight till 01.02.

The beginning of Ayushman Yoga after Preeti Yoga till 12.20 in the afternoon, the beginning of Vanij Karan after Taitil Karan till 01.24 in the afternoon. Moon will transit on Aquarius day and night.

Sunrise time 29 June 2021 : At 5:26 am in the morning.

Sunset time 29 June 2021 : At 07:24 in the evening.

Today’s auspicious time:

Abhijeet Muhurta from 11.57 pm to 12.52 pm. Vijay Muhurta will be from 02:44 pm to 03:40 pm. Nishith Kaal midnight from 12:05 to 12:45. Dusk from 07:09 PM to 07:33 PM. Amrit Kaal will last from 05:46 PM to 07:23 PM. Ravi Yoga midnight from 01:02 to 05.26 the next day.

Today’s inauspicious time:

Rahukaal from 03 PM to 04:30 PM. Yamgand will remain from 09 am to 10.30 am. There will be a Gulik call from 12 noon to 01:30. Durmuhurta period will be from 08.14 am to 09.09.00 in the morning, followed by midnight from 11.24 am to 12.05. Varjya Kaal from 08:05 am to 09:42 am.

Today’s solution: Make a paste of Hanumanji by mixing vermilion in jasmine oil and apply tilak. -(Acharya Krishnadutt Sharma)


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