Aaj Ka Panchang Aaj ka Panchang Today 1 September 2021 Ganesh Puja Vidhi Live Updates know shubh muhurt rahukal dishashool

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Aaj ka Panchang Today 1 September 2021 Ganesh Puja Vidhi Live Updates: Hindi पंचांग According to this, today is the tenth day of Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapada month. Today is Wednesday and 1st September 2021. Wednesday is the best day for worshiping Lord Ganesha. It is a religious belief that by worshiping Lord Ganesha on Wednesday, he becomes very pleased and takes away the sufferings of his devotees and destroys their sins after many births.

Lord Ganesha is also called Vighnaharta. Worshiping Vighnaharta Shri Ganesh ji on Wednesday, one gets his grace and all the work gets completed without any trouble.

पंचांग According to this, Bhadra is taking place from the evening of 1st September, which will remain till the morning of 2nd September. Dashami is the increase of Tithi. From morning till noon today Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga remains.

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Today NS पंचांग

  • Mass, Party, date And Day: Bhadrapada month, Krishna Paksha, Dashami Tithi and Wednesday
  • Today NS Dishashul: in the north on Wednesday
  • Today NS Rahukal: From 12:00 noon to 01:30 on Wednesdays.
  • special: Dashami date increment.
  • Today Of Bhadra: 05:27 PM on 1st September to 06:23 AM on 2nd September


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