Aaj Ka Panchang Daily Panchang 1 march 2021 lord shiva worship know shubh and ashubh muhurat in hindi | Daily Panchang 1 March 2021 Worship Mahadev from today


New Delhi Today is the second date of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month. Today is 01 March 2021 and the day is Monday. Today shul yoga with northfalguni nakshatra, so watch it carefully. Monday is the day, worship Mahadev from today. All tasks will be successful.

In eternal culture पंचांग According to all things are done in life. Today’s पंचांग What’s special in it, Acharya Vikramaditya is giving full information

March 1
day- Monday
Month– Falgun, Krishna Paksha
The date– The second date is 8:39 in the morning. After this, Tritiya Tithi will start, which is decay.

Today’s constellation-
Today is Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra.

Today’s sum– There is Shul Yoga with Uttaraphalguni Nakshatra.

auspicious time
There is auspicious time from 12:16 to 12:58 in the afternoon. Do any work at this time, everything will be auspicious.

Today’s Rahukaal is from 8:19 to 9:45 in the morning. Do not do any good work during this

Do this remedy on Monday, Mahadev will show blessings
It is Monday today. This month, the holy fast and celebration of Mahadev is going to be Shivaratri. Start worshiping Mahadev from today itself. It may be beneficial for you to anoint Shiva with milk on Monday. By doing this, you can get rid of all the sorrows that come in life.

If there is any kind of mental or physical suffering, then worship the Kuldevi or Kuldevata on Monday, mainly. Donating silver, rice and milk is considered especially fruitful on this day to get success in the field.

Wish will be fulfilled by this remedy
If you have been waiting for your wish to be fulfilled for a long time, then take two pearls or two equal pieces of silver in a holy river on Monday and shed it. By doing this, the desire of the mind is definitely fulfilled. Wearing a silver or pearl ring on Monday for the benefit of money is also considered beneficial. Along with this, keep Shiva ji fast on every Monday of the month of Sawan and worship him with reverence.

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