Aaj Ka Panchang Daily Panchang 13 March 2021 know shubha tithi shubh muhoort rahukal in hindi | Know daily auspicious date and Rahukaal in Daily Panchang 13 March 2021


New Delhi Today’s पंचांग I am special that today is the Amavasya Tithi of Falgun Krishna Paksha. Purvabhadrapada is the practicable yoga with the constellation. Do auspicious work from 12:11 pm to 12:56 pm, because this time is auspicious.

Without this पंचांग What is special in me, Acharya Vikramaditya is telling

Day- saturday
Month- Falgun, Krishna Paksha
Date – Amavasya

Prabhavadrapada is the practicable yoga with the constellation

auspicious time
Have auspicious work from 12:11 pm to 12:56 pm

Do not do auspicious work from 9:33 to 11:02 in the morning.

Month and year

Shaka Samwat 1942 Shariwari
Vikram Samvat 2077
Black Samvat 5122
Day time 11:54:14
Mas Amant Magh
Mas Purnimant Phalgun

Know Prabhavadrapada Nakshatra
If someone is born in Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra, he is humbled by speech and thoughts, but not by personality. People born in Purvabhadrapada Nakshatra prefer to live on their own ideals and principles. Life is never misguided because their attitude is right and clear.

He is a peace loving person, but soon gets angry on even the smallest thing. The sooner the anger comes to these people, the sooner it goes away.

Results of practicable yoga
People born in this yoga are entitled to self-respect from the beginning. They do not have any concern of the body, they are seen more in Aghori things. They are believed to use all kinds of food addictive factors, to raise poisonous animals and to keep themselves cool and to create welfare factors for people. Huh.

Today’s solutions
Hanuman Chalisa recitation Hanuman Chalisa is the surest way to escape from the sight of Shani Dev. Chanting of Shani Mantra. Donate sesame, oil and shadow. Wear the root of Dhatura. Wear seven face Rudraksh.

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