Aaj Ka Panchang Daily Panchang 16 march 2021 read panchnag in hindi mangalwar totka upay | Daily Panchang 16 March 2021 Tuesday’s special shot will change life


New Delhi Today’s पंचांग Has brought a special day for you. Today is Indra Yoga with Madhuk Tritiya. If Tuesday is a day then it is also the day of worship of Veevar Hanuman ji. Along with this, special fruits will be obtained from the worship of Goddess Parvati. On this special day of 16 March 2021 पंचांग What is special in me, Acharya Vikramaditya is telling

Day – Tuesday
Month-Falgun, Shukla Paksha

Today is Indra Yoga with Madhukatrutiya
The wishes of Parvati ji will be fulfilled by wishes.

Indra Yoga is with Ashwini Nakshatra

auspicious time
All day auspicious from sunrise to night

Do not do auspicious work from 03:26 to 04:54 in the evening.

Do this remedy on tuesday
By taking special measures on Tuesday, Hanuman ji’s special grace can be obtained. After meditating at any time on this day, install a Hanuman Yantra by laying red cloth in the west direction in the temple installed in the house.

This device can be of particular silver or copper. Burn a lamp of ghee just in front of the installed Hanuman Yantra. Now sit on a red colored pedestal and chant the mantra “Om Hanumate Rudratmkaya Hu Burst” five thousand times.

Freedom comes from all the problems of life
While chanting the mantra, offer sacrifice with cow’s ghee in the havan kund. After the end of the havan, keep the Hanuman Yantra on the place of worship 21 times above the Havan Kund and then keep it in your pocket. Finally, apply the ashes of havan on your forehead and neck.

After this process, the Hanuman Yantra is attained. After the accomplishment of Hanuman Yantra, keep it with you forever. By doing this, you can get wealth especially with the freedom from all the problems that come in life.

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