Aaj Ka Panchang Daily Panchang 27 feb 2021 today panchang satyanarayan pooja magh poornima | Daily Panchang 27 February 2021 Worship Lord Satyanarayana on Magha Purnima


New Delhi Today is the full moon day of the bright fortnight of Magh month. Today is 27 February 2021 and the day is Saturday. Today, Satyanarayana Puja will get special blessings. In eternal culture पंचांग According to all things are done in life. What is special today, Acharya Vikramaditya is telling

Today’s पंचांग
Date – Full Moon – 13:48:45
Nakshatra Magha – By 11:18:53

Paksha shukla
Yogasukarma – By 19:36:53

Auspicious time
Abhijeet from 12: 11: 10 to 12:57:11

Disha Cola – Pre Direction Column

Worship Lord Satyanarayan today
In the Sanatan tradition, ‘Lord Satyanarayana’ is considered as a form of Lord Vishnu. In such a situation, there is a law to know that the worship of Satyanarayana is done every month. For which, on the full moon day every month, worshiping the Lord Satyanarayana is fasted. On this special day, the devotees keep fasting throughout the day, revealing their reverence for Lord Satyanarayana, and during the evening, duly worship and pay attention to ‘Lord Satyanarayana’ and ‘Lord Vishnu Ji’ and also narrate the story to others.

This is how to worship Satyanarayana God

  • First of all, get up early in the morning and take bath etc. and wear clean clothes.
  • After that take the resolution of Satyanarayana fast with a sincere heart.
  • After this, make the place of worship sacred by cow dung and make an alphan there and place a worship post on it. If dung
  • If possible, the place can be kept on it after purifying the place with Ganga water.
  • Put a banana plant around this outpost and install a statue or picture of Satyanarayana Lord on the outpost.
  • Now worship Lord Satyanarayana with full law and worship.
  • After the puja, perform her aarti and distribute prasad with Charanamrit.
  • After this, after giving food to the priest, give him Dakshina and clothes according to reverence.
  • Along with this, make donations to the poor and needy.

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