Aaj Ka Panchang Daily Panchang 28 Feb 2021 bad start read panchang know shubh and ashubh muhurat in hindi | Daily Panchang signs of bad events in 28 February 2021


New Delhi Today is the Pratipada date of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month. Today is 28 February 2021 and the day is Sunday. Today’s पंचांग Auspicious sign is not giving, so watch it carefully. Sunday is the day. Worship the sun god. In eternal culture पंचांग According to all things are done in life.

What is special today, Acharya Vikramaditya is telling

day- Sunday
Month- Phalgun, krishna paksha
Date Antagonist
पंचांग Indicating bad events in the future.

Today’s constellation- Dhriti yoga is with Purplefalguni.

Today’s constellation is auspicious 12:26 till midnight is auspicious time to work.

Today’s Rahukkal Do not do auspicious work from 4:50 to 6:16 in the evening.

What is Dhriti Yoga
The name of Dhriti Yoga means patience. It is very auspicious to do the tasks done patiently in this yoga. If you want to worship the foundation of the house, land etc., the foundation stone, the land, then wait for this yoga and when this yoga comes, then do these auspicious works. It takes time to construct the house, so one has to be patient till they are completed. Therefore these works should be done only in Dhriti Yoga.

The foundation stone laid in this yoga gives lifelong comforts, that is, if the foundation of a house is laid for living in this yoga, then the person lives in that house and enjoys a happy life, receiving all the comforts.

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Prefabricated constellation
Purvafalguni means two feet ahead of the Charpai-Diwan or Takhat. It can also be understood that the constellation before it was Magha. Magha means throne and then comes Purvaphalguni i.e. Charpai. This means that this nakshatra is also known as the constellation of relaxation.

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