Aaj Ka Panchang Daily Panchang 8th September 2021 know today panchang shubh muhoort and gupta manokamna purti upay remedies know full details in hindi | Daily Panchang 8th September 2021: Today’s पंचांगAuspicious time and secret wish fulfillment remedy

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New Delhi: Daily Panchang 8th September 2021: Today’s पंचांग Has brought you an auspicious time and an auspicious date. Today is Wednesday and it is a special day to worship Ganesha. Uttara is Phalguni Nakshatra and auspicious yoga, apart from this, Moon is transiting in Virgo today. पंचांग What else is special in me, Acharya Vikramaditya is telling-

Day – Wednesday – Bhadrapada
Shukla Paksha – Dwitiya Tithi
According to religious scriptures, seeing the moon on this day gives auspicious results. It is considered very lucky and prosperous.
Important Yoga – Auspicious Yoga
Nakshatra- Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra
Today Moon’s transit in Virgo (Day-Night)
good time today
12.03 to 12.55
Today’s Rahu Kaal –
Rahu Kaal – 12.24 hrs to 1.56 hrs
Date – 08-09-2021

Wednesday special day of Ganesh Puja
Today is Wednesday and today is a special day to worship Lord Ganesha. Therefore, by offering Durva and laddus to Lord Ganesha today, the wishes are fulfilled. Lord Ganesha is also called Vighna Vinayak. Worshiping Lord Ganesha removes all the troubles and obstacles of life. That’s why we all should worship Lord Ganesha today.

Auspicious results are obtained from moon sighting
Today is the second date of Bhadrapada Shukla Paksha. According to religious scriptures, seeing the moon on this day gives auspicious results. It is considered very lucky and prosperous. It is believed that Moon is the lord of knowledge, intelligence and mind.

don’t see chauth moon
Whereas the moon should not be seen on the Chaturthi of Bhadrapada month. This brings stigma in life. Without doing anything there is slander. False allegations are made. Therefore, the sight of the moon should be avoided on this day. There is a religious reason behind this.

Reason given in Ganesh Purana
It has been told in the Ganesh Purana that Lord Ganesha has cursed the moon that whoever sees the moon on the Chaturthi date of Bhadrapada month will face false stigma. Due to this curse, this Chaturthi date is sometimes called Lathi Chaturthi, somewhere Kalank Chaturthi, somewhere Pathar Chaturthi. The moon should not be seen from the beginning to the end of Chaturthi Tithi. It has been said in the same religious scripture that to avoid the stigma from Chaturthi, one should definitely do Chandradarshan on the second date that comes before that.

to fulfill a secret wish
Today, make kheer from cow’s milk and keep it in five earthen glasses or cups on the banks of the river or deserted places while bowing to the ancestors. After that don’t look back.

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