Aaj Ka Panchang Panchang Shabri Jayanti Is On 5 March Who Was Shabari Lord Rama Shabari Respectable After Eating False Plum


Shabari Jayanti 2021: When it comes to the influential characters of Ramayana, Shabri’s name also comes in it. In the Ramayana, the name of Shabari is taken with great respect. Lord Shri Ram was deeply impressed by Shabri’s devotion. Seeing Shabri’s faith, Lord Rama called Shabri a venerable woman. पंचांग According to the date of Saptami, the end of the date of March 5 will be at 7.54 pm on Friday evening.

Importance of Shabri Jayanti
Shabri Jayanti is a festival of faith towards Lord Rama. Shabri is also worshiped along with Lord Rama on this day. Lord Rama granted salvation to Shabri. This festival is considered a symbol of faith, love and faith. It is believed that on the seventh day of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month, Lord Rama appeared to Shabri and ate plum.

Learn who was Shabri
Shri Ram met Shabri during his exile. Shabri’s real name was Shramana. Shabari belonged to the Bhil community. Shabari’s marriage to the prince of the Bhil community was decided. Where there was a tradition of animal sacrifice. Shabari did not like any kind of violence and sacrifice. For this reason, Shabri left the house just one day before marriage and started living in Dandakaranya forest. Mathang Rishi used to live in this forest. She started serving the sage. But they feared that they should not be deprived of this service due to being from the Bhil community, for this Shabri used to get up early in the morning and clear the path that led from the ashram to the river before the sages got up.

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Shabri used to pick thorns every morning and lay clean sand on the way. Seeing the route clear, the sage would be amazed, one day the sages saw Shabri cleaning the road. Then, seeing the devotion of Shabri, the sages gave shelter to Shabri in their ashram. When the last time of sage Mathang came near, he called Shabari and said that he should wait for Lord Rama in his ashram, he will definitely come to meet him. After saying this, the sage abandoned the body. Shabari obeyed the sage and began to wait for Lord Rama. She cleans the way as usual.

Breaking the sweet plum for God. For sweet berry, she would taste each berry and put it in a vessel. Many years passed while doing so. This routine of Shabari continued. One day the time has come to meet Lord Rama. The old Shabari was pleased with the news of Lord Rama’s arrival. Shabri washed the feet of Lord Rama and gave him a place to sit. After this, the juvenile plum was given to God to eat. Lord Ram Shabri’s shoes were eaten with great love. After eating the berry, Lord Rama called her Bhamini in praise of Shabri which means very respectable woman.

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