Aaj Ka Panchang Vivah Muhurat 2021: The most auspicious times of marriage are coming out in the month of May, know the auspicious dates. wedding days in may month and significance of panchang date marriage


According to religious beliefs, no auspicious work is done during the time of Kharmas. Therefore, this time, the most auspicious time of marriage is coming out in the month of May. Guru and Mercury are considered to be important in marriage matters.

Vivah Muhurat 2021: Most auspicious dates of marriage are coming out in May, know auspicious dates

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In Hinduism, before performing any auspicious tasks, auspicious time is considered. In Hinduism, marriage is an act that does not happen only between two people but connects two families. Therefore, all the auspicious tasks related to marriage are done by observing the auspicious and auspicious days. There should be no problem of any kind in marriage. Therefore, the movement of the planets is done to assess their transit position.

Hindu पंचांग According to this, the most Muhurta of marriage is going out in May this year. Guru and Mercury are considered to be important in marriage matters. According to Jyoti Shastra, marriage work is not done when the Venus star is set. Apart from this, there is no auspicious work in Kharmas also.

According to the Panchag, there was no auspicious time for marriage in February and March this year. The auspicious work of marriage has started from 22 April. Actually from April 28, the month of Baishakh has started. This month is considered to be the best. This month is the most auspicious for performing any manic work.
Let’s know about the auspicious time of marriage in the month of May.

2 May
4 May
7 May
8 May
21 May
22 May
23 May
24 May
26 May
29 May
31 May

When marriages are not done

According to religious beliefs, Mangalik works are not performed during the time of Kharmas, Malamas, Guru and Shukra Tara and at the time of Devshayani. Not only marriages, other auspicious works are also done. However, the auspicious time of marriage started from 22 April. This year, 37 marriages are being made before July 15, that is, Devshayan. After this, on 13 November from Devuthani Ekadashi on 15 November, 13 days will be auspicious for marriage.

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