Aaj ka Rashifal 16 October 2021 The health of the people of these three zodiac signs will not be good today Read here horoscope

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Moradabad, Jagran Correspondent. Todays Horoscope 16 October 2021 : According to today’s planetary position, Moon is transiting in Aquarius, which is the second sign of Saturn. For this reason, marriage proposals will come to the unmarried people of Aries today. Health of Taurus sign people may remain weak. Today will be a lucky day for the love couple of Gemini. Cancer sign people may buy some electronic items today. Leo sign people should avoid outside food. Virgo sign people will be the victim of stress and fatigue today. Libra sign people will be satisfied with the financial side today. Scorpio sign people will get disappointment in every field today. Sagittarius sign people should avoid hard work, health is not favourable. Capricorn sign people can invest today. Aquarius sign people’s attachment to their spouse will increase today. There will be obstacles in the work of Pisces sign people today. Today is Ekadashi fasting. Worship Lord Vishnu with red fruits and blue flowers, offer new clothes to the poor, all wishes will be fulfilled. The market price of combustible material will increase. Pandit Rishikesh Shukla gave detailed information about the zodiac signs. Have a look at today’s horoscope…

Sheep-Today unmarried people will get marriage proposals. You will get an opportunity to meet your boyfriend/girlfriend. The merchant will get a new partner or business proposal. Relationship with spouse will be good. There are signs of getting money or financial assistance from the in-laws side. Your children will become more adventurous. Students have to put more efforts to get the best results. Be careful about your health.

Taurus-Today your health may remain loose. You must beware of your hidden enemies. Do not share your mind and your strategy of working with anyone else. Otherwise you can be cheated. As far as possible do not borrow money or things from anyone, it may be difficult to get back. If you are going to take part in any competitive exam then you will get success with struggle. Avoid any unnecessary arguments. Opponents will try to target you.

Gemini-Today students will take interest in studies. Today will be a lucky day for the lovers. Business people can take important decisions for their business. If you are in job then your day will be normal. If you want to invest in speculation then today would be the best day to do so. Your health will be good and you will feel energetic.

Cancer-Today you will continue to get the support of your mother. If you want to buy property then today is an auspicious day. On this day, you will buy electronic goods, you will go out to see the cinema or have a picnic. Your expenses will increase. There will be cordial relations with the spouse. There will be some additional construction work or work related to home decoration at home. There are also indications of attending any social or family celebration.

Lion –Today you will need special hard work and effort to achieve your goals. You may have a new friend. Relations with neighbors will improve. It is possible that there may be an opportunity to participate in some festival in the house of a close relative. Drive carefully, there is a fear of accident. Take special care of health. Avoid eating unnecessary and outside food. Contact will be made with an old friend or there may be a sudden meeting.

Virgo-Today is a day to struggle hard, due to which you may remain tense and tired. The support of your younger siblings will keep your confidence. You will take any decision with your courage and will work hard for its success. So be patient and keep up your work. Money will come only through hard work. Relations with spouse will remain cordial. Your children will also be successful in getting the best results.

Libra-Today there will be a festive atmosphere in your family or you will be involved in some social activity. You will be satisfied with the financial side. Your family members will be happy with you. You will captivate others with your speech. Today you will stay at home by canceling the thoughts and programs of shopping. You can get money from various sources. You will get the support of your spouse in family work.

Scorpio-Today is showing wastage and sadness. You may get disappointing results in every field. So be patient and be careful while going on a journey. Today is an auspicious day for lovers to get each other’s company.

Sagittarius-Today is a very auspicious day for investing. Investments made today will prove to be helpful for you in difficult times. Your speech will be sweet and people will be attracted towards you. There are unexpected possibilities of some people coming to your house as guests. You welcome them and be blessed. But avoid working tirelessly because health does not show compatibility.

Capricorn-Today is the best day of the week. You will definitely get respect in the society. There are definitely possibilities of making many profits for the traders today. This is an auspicious time to invest in betting. You will be independent. Overall, the day will be pleasant for you. It will be good if all the important decisions are taken carefully.

Aquarius-You will take part in some religious activity. The cooperation of children will fill your heart with happiness and enthusiasm. His studies will be satisfactory. Today will be a lucky day for your love affair. Your attachment towards your spouse will increase. Health will be normal. Today is the best day for businessmen to start a new business.

Pisces-You may feel a little sad today. There will be obstacles in work. Be careful while driving. Money can be invested in betting. Arguments may arise due to ideological differences with the spouse. Today will be inauspicious for your love relationship. Keep balance in your language otherwise you may face unnecessary problem.

Today’s पंचांग

16 October 2021

day – saturday

Ashwin Shukla Paksha

Tithi – Ekadashi

fasting ekadashi

Saka 1942 Samvat 2077

sunrise -06:15







Surya Nakshatra – East Phalguni


gold – south

Winter season

Dig Shool – East direction

full quintet

Rahu Kaal -09:15 to 10:41 am

Abhijeet Muhurta -11:43 to 12:31 pm

Amrit Yoga-06:23 to 17:38 Ghati Pal


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