Aaj ka Rashifal 18 October 2021 Today is a special day for these five zodiac signs happiness will come in home

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Moradabad, Jagran Correspondent. Todays Horoscope 18 October 2021 : According to today’s planetary position, Moon is transiting in Pisces which is the second sign of Jupiter. With this, Aries people can establish a new love relationship today. Taurus sign people will get money from a secret source. Gemini sign people can invest in business. Virgo sign people are likely to suffer financial losses. Libra sign people’s attachment to elder brother will increase today. For the people of Sagittarius, today is the best day to invest money in betting. Capricorn sign people will get stuck money today. Aquarius sign people can go on a picnic with family. Pisces sign people will get good news from their children today. Today is Sompradosh fast with Trayodashi. Worship Lord Bholenath with white flowers and blue flowers, all your wishes will be fulfilled. Today the number of patients of corona infection will decrease. The market price of fruits and vegetables will increase. The stock market will be strong before noon, then it will be normal. Pandit Rishikesh Shukla gave detailed information about the zodiac signs. Have a look at today’s horoscope…

Sheep –Today is bringing good happiness for you. Good news will be received from children. There will be success in love affairs. There is also a possibility of establishing a new love relationship. You will do your work with utmost sincerity, intelligence and sincerity. Today you can invest in betting or gambling etc. because today is your lucky day. Students will be engaged in their study work with concentration. The business class will put its energy in the new industry. The people doing the job will make progress in the job.

Taurus-Today your day is bringing happiness, joy and a great atmosphere of mutual harmony for your home. You can get money from secret sources and if you want to buy a house or plot then it will definitely be a profitable deal for you. You will get the support of your life partner in all fields. Students may lose their concentration.

Gemini-Today is your day to work hard. You have to struggle hard to achieve any objective. You will be successful in your work with your courage and tireless efforts. You will have cordial relations with your younger siblings and they will also help you. You may get good news from your children. Happiness will remain in the minds of loving couples. This time is not auspicious for investing in any new business. Control your speech.

Cancer-Today is a very auspicious day for you to collect and invest. If you want to invest in a new house, then this time will be good. A guest will enter the house. You can captivate anyone with your speech. If you want to increase coordination by removing tension from an opponent or want to settle a dispute with him, then start. You will surely get success.

Lion –Today is the day of perfection. Students will study by concentrating the class. The business class will do their work with confidence and will earn a lot of money. Your officers will be satisfied with you if you do the job. If you are unmarried then you are likely to get marriage proposal from your relatives or neighbors. Your relations with your spouse will be the sweetest and you will also give their full cooperation.

Virgo-You are likely to be encouraged today. There will be some lack in your confidence. Your expenditure will be more than income. Be careful in the matter of food. There is also a possibility of some financial loss. Your spouse may be angry with you. Students will waste their time in unnecessary activities. Business people will go on a long journey, the result of which will not be promising.

Libra-Today you will earn more money. Your long awaited dreams and desires will be fulfilled. Today you will be romantic with your life partner. You will get the support of your elder siblings. Invest in fixed deposits or mutual funds. You will also get respect in the society.

Scorpio- Today you will get respect and cooperation from your officers. Businessmen will plan to expand their business. Students will not be able to do much better in their studies. Your life partner will be happy and satisfied. You will not be happy with the behavior of your children. Take care of your children’s health. You may get more income from other sources.

Sagittarius-Today is your day of success. Your child will be prosperous. Students will be engaged in study work with full concentration and confidence. Your relationship with your spouse will be sweet. Boyfriend / girlfriend will get an opportunity to meet. This is the best time to invest in betting. Overall success will be achieved in all fields. Your health will be good and you will be happy.

Capricorn- Today you will be able to get money that has been stuck for a long time. This is an auspicious time to invest on betting. You will be happy because of the best results. Help the needy people. Be careful while driving. Otherwise an accident may occur. Do not take any important decision out of emotion. You will get the support of your children.

Aquarius- Today you will go for a picnic with family. Unmarried people will get marriage proposals from friends or relatives. This is the best time for lovers to take a step towards a new love affair. Give a gift to your friend or spouse. Take proper care of your health. Overall, today is the best day to get pleasure and to gather the means of convenience.

Pisces- Today you will get good news from children. Benefit from betting. Students will be busy in their studies and will get good results. You will go to meet your boyfriend/girlfriend. Business of business people will increase. Relationship with spouse will be good.

Today’s पंचांग

18 October 2021

day – monday

Ashwin Shukla Paksha

Tithi – Trayodashi

fasting – somapradosh

Saka 1942 Samvat 2077

sunrise -06:15



yoga pole


moon sign-pisces


Surya Nakshatra – East Phalguni


gold – south

Winter season

Dig Shool – East direction

full quintet

Rahu Kaal -07:50 to 09:15 in the morning

Abhijeet Muhurta -11:42 to 12:30 pm


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