Blood Moon 2021: The moon will be red in the first and last lunar eclipse of the year, know the difference between the precipitated lunar eclipse and the blood moon


A blood moon is a full lunar eclipse. (Token picture)

Blood Moon 2021: The first and last full lunar eclipse of the year 2021 will be seen. It is also called blood moon. During this time, the moon will appear in red color.

Blood Moon 2021: On 26 May, the first and last full lunar eclipse of 2021 will be seen on Wednesday. It is also called blood moon. During this time, the moon will appear in red color. Many countries around the world will be witness to the very beautiful astronomical event of blood moon. But in India, this subsection will be seen only for a period of 5 minutes as a lunar eclipse. Since this is a lunar eclipse in India, its Sutak period will not be valid. Visibility of the event will be in East Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean and US regions in addition to India. What is blood moon? The lunar eclipse of May 26 is a blood moon or full lunar eclipse. Explain that this situation arises when the Sun, Earth and the Moon come in almost a straight line. After the lunar eclipse begins, it first turns black and then gradually turns into a ruddy red color, which is also known as ‘blood moon’. What is a shadow lunar eclipse?Vedic astrology mentions no importance of the occult lunar eclipse, but many astrological experts do not rule out that, whenever a significant event like lunar eclipse occurs, the moon enters the precipitous earth before that. In astrology, Chandra Malinya has been described. Then only after the Earth comes out of this shadow, the Moon enters under its actual shadow and this unique position is considered to be a full or partial lunar eclipse. Also read: Lunar Eclipse 2021: When will it be the first lunar eclipse of the year? Know the exact date and time But at times, many such situations also arise when the Moon, after entering the Earth’s shadow, exits, not entering under its actual shadow, so that the Moon does not enter the real shadow of the Earth. , And when viewed from the earth in the same position, the surface of the moon appears to be somewhat blurred and its image is also blurred completely different from the normal. Also, this image is so light that people can see it from the earth with their naked eyes. This situation or event is called the eclipse lunar eclipse. It is also believed that no part of the moon suffers during this event, that is why this eclipse is not kept in the main category and this is the main reason why the sutak of this eclipse eclipse is not honorable.


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