Daily horoscope 3 March 2021: Today’s horoscope 3 March 2021, Aaj Ka Rashifal 3 March 2021, Dainik Rashifal Daily Horoscope In Hindi


Today Horoscope for all zodiac signs of March 3, 2021
Aries- Today your good works will increase the pride of you and your family. You will also get the benefit of your decision making ability. Your interest is more in chanting, meditation and sacrificial devotion, so today we will cooperate in social and religious works. Even normal temperate disorders from evening to midnight can bother you.

Taurus – Today you will have the happiness and happiness of the best behavior of the child side and their success. Take blessings from parents and leave the house, you will get some special success. Servant and worldly pleasures will expand. New ways of income will be created. The time from evening to night will be spent on dev darshan and virtuous works.

Gemini – If a lawsuit or any other inquiry is going on, today is not the time for you. Failure to make quick decisions will result in interruptions and loss of work. If you do the job then the rights can be increased by the grace of the officials. Night time will be spent in singing and playing.

Cancer – If your promotion is stopped, it will happen today. Apart from this, with your eloquence today you will be able to attract a very big officer towards you. Eye disorders will reduce discomfort. The ability to make decisions will be of benefit. Do not eat spicy food at night. It can spoil your health.

Leo- If you are a businessman, there will be some new changes in your business. If you have a job, then your rights will increase, which will give you financial benefits and respect. Good news will also be received from the family. From evening till night, you will indulge in social work and enjoyment. You will get pride due to receiving more money than capacity.

Virgo- With the increase in your rights today, the responsibilities will also increase. You can spend money for your glory. You have been doing good to serve the good and service of others by heart, your children will get the benefit of it today. At night your interest in milk, curd and sweet will increase, but eat curd. Rashi lord Mercury is in trouble, can spoil health.

Libra – Even after working very thoughtfully, there will be a possibility of loss. Suddenly any state punishment can also be obtained. So stay away from risk acts. From evening till night, there will be the possibility of minor suffering and defamation. Air disorders can increase physical discomfort.

Scorpio- Today there will be a possibility of benefiting from any valuable thing. If you work, the position and rights will increase. Enemies will bow down in front of your courage and valor. Your love for children will increase. From evening till night, your interest will go towards tapa-yajna and divine knowledge. Pleasure of the servants will get enough.

Dhanu – Today’s day will be full of loyalty and devotion to the Guru. At this time, spiritual knowledge will be attained by spirituality. Your intellect and wisdom will be put to new discoveries, you will get stagnant money. In the evening, there is a chance of accidental child suffering. The person and servants of the faith will try to commit treachery by being careful.

Capricorn- Today, you will have more physical strength and enthusiasm, but such unnecessary expenses will come up, which will have to be done under compulsion even if you do not want to. If your promotion is stopped, you will get it. You will be happy to see a large amount of money in your hand. Auspicious expenses and fame will increase in the evening and night. Be vigilant with speedy vehicles.

Aquarius – Work with special patience today, because there will be a possibility of loss due to hasty work done. Your physical comforts will increase. If you have to exchange in new works, then definitely do, there will be profit in future. You will get success in the efforts made for the work of children, marriage and other activities.

Pisces- Today you will be troubled by your health. Digestive function and stomach disorders related to the stomach can be troublesome. If you want to take a loan from a financial institution or a person then it will be easily available. Make full efforts to make them successful by making new plans. Your confidence and courage will increase your self-confidence.

Happy birthday today
This year, the mixed effects of Guru-Venus and Muntha will affect your horoscope. In the remainder of March, due to frequent good opportunities to traders associated with the business of import and export, prosperity will increase and the financial condition will improve. From April to May end of the month, despite extreme activism, there will be disappointment for not getting the expected results. In June and July, if a work is not executed on time, enemies can betray anywhere. From the end of the month of August to September, there will be considerable profit by making changes in the regular programs. In October and November, even when the health is low, all the stopped work will be done after some hassles and expenses. There will be a plan for some Mars work in the month of December. From January 2022 to the middle of February, there are meaningful yatras and country tours. It will be pleasant to spend on entertainment for yourself and family. This will increase your knowledge as well as overcome family boredom. -Acharya Krishna Dutt Sharma
Today’s daily पंचांग (Wednesday 03 March 2021)

Rashtriya Mithi Phalgun 12, Shak Samvat 1942 Phalgun Krishna Panchami, Wednesday, Vikram Samvat
2077. According to Solar Falgun Mass Entry 20, Rajab 18, Hijri 1442 (Muslim), English date 03 March Sun 2021 AD. Surya Uttarayana, Dakshin Gol, Spring season. Rahukaal 12 noon to 01:30. Panchami Tithi to start at half-past 12 midnight after 22 minutes, Swati Nakshatra at half-past 01 to 36 minutes after Vishakha Nakshatra starts, Dhruva Yoga at half-past 02 to 40 minutes after the beginning of post-distemper yoga, Kaulav Karan by 01 to 41 minutes After the start of Gar Karan. The moon will transmit on Libra zodiac day and night.

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