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Horoscope 25 September : Planetary Position – Rahu is in Taurus. Sun and Mars are in Virgo. Mercury and Venus are in Libra. Ketu is in Scorpio. Jupiter and Saturn are retrograde in Capricorn. Moon is in Aries.


Sheep-Today is a very good day for you. You remain a symbol of attraction. What is needed is availability. Life is perfect. Health is a bit moderate. Focus on love and children. From a business point of view, you will be doing well. Worship Bajrang Bali.

Taurus– Will feel a little lacking. especially in economic matters. Health is fine. The state of love is also fine. Business is also going well but will experience some shortfall due to excess of expenditure. There may be a problem of headache and eye disorders in health. It’s not a problem.

Gemini-Happiness is going on. Health is better. Financial matters are getting resolved. Surrounded by good news. Love, business, health is good. Keep worshiping Maa Kali.

Cancer-Good condition. There is improvement in health. Will get business benefits. Love situation is fine. Overall good condition. Offer water to the sun god.

Lion- Circumstances are looking favourable. Slowly moving towards good. Health is good. Pay attention to the health and love of children. A short distance is possible. Your business is going well. Worship Bajrang Bali.

Virgo- The risk remains. Pay attention to health. The defense is strong. Still, the antidote is a bit stronger. Health medium, love, business is going well. Offer red object in the temple of Bajrang Bali.

Libra- Happiness continues. remain attractive. Good health and luck. Gentleness persists. Love and business situation is very good. Keep worshiping Maa Kali and Shani Dev.

Scorpio- The rioters, the disturbers will bow down. Will accept defeat Your position is very good. Health is great. Might be a little disturbing but not a big deal. Love is medium. From a business point of view you are on the right track. Keep giving water to the sun god.

Sagittarius- Pay attention to children’s health. Put energy into reading and writing. It is a good time for those who are poets of Veer Ras or are taking training in police force or army. Health is medium, love, business is good, but in love avoid tu-tu, main-me. Worship Bajrang Bali.

Capricorn- If you want to do something about buying land, then try it, it is possible. There are signs of domestic discord. Health is fine. Blood pressure may be slightly irregular. Love, business situation is good. Worship Maa Kali. Donate red things.

Aquarius- If you want to start a new business then do it. Energy has increased. Is with loved ones. Health is fine. The situation in love and business is quite good. Worship Bajrang Bali.

Pisces- Avoid investing money in gambling, betting, lotteries. Try not to do even a little transaction. Health is mediocre. Financial matters are good. There will be an inflow of money. The situation in love and business is good. Keep worshiping Lord Bholenath.


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