Horoscope Aaj Ka Rashifal 2021 Todays Lucky And Unlucky Astrological Future Predictions Virgo And Pisces 11 October 2021 Monday 6th Navratri 2021

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Horoscope Today 11 October 2021, Aaj Ka Rashifal, Daily horoscope: पंचांग According to today, October 11, 2021, Monday is the sixth date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month. Today is the sixth day of Navratri. The special thing is that on Monday, Saturn will be retrograde. There is a transit of Moon in Scorpio. What is the effect of the movement of planets on your zodiac on Monday, let’s know the horoscope of all the zodiac signs-

Sheep- On this day material pleasures will increase through your efforts. The work of the employed people will be better, in such a situation, complete all the tasks with great enthusiasm. There will be good opportunities to start a new business. Merchants of machines and hardware will get good profit, on the other hand it will be beneficial for the retail shopkeepers to offer return of goods according to the choice of the customers. From the point of view of health, there will be ups and downs, if you are walking ill then you should be on special alert. You have to take care that you do not have any conflict with any senior in the family.

Taurus- On this day, a plan should be made to fulfill the desires, on the other hand, keep in mind that do not get affected by negative things of anyone. A colleague may have to be helped in the office, taking unnecessary leave is not good for the job. The business class should stay away from quarrels with big customers. The day is normal for the students. Keep the youth active mind and do not make any mistake to prove themselves when they get the opportunity. In view of health, avoid cold things. May be troubled by sore throat or cold. The day is auspicious for buying household necessities.

Gemini- Don’t let happiness fall in your mind on this day, because today there will be many such occasions due to which you can become very sad. The target will be fulfilled to those who work as telecallers. Those doing business of home appliances have to be cautious, while there may also be a loss due to lapse in accounting. Those doing business of medicines can earn profit. There is a possibility of injury to the hand, so be careful while working with sharp objects. There may be a decline in the health of the father, so advise him to be alert. There is a possibility of getting some unpleasant news from the maternal side.

Cancer- If you are going to do some big work of life on this day, then the cooperation of loved ones will be mandatory. Keep in mind that official conversations or important data should not be leaked through you. The day will be a bit painful for the traders, on the other hand, one should behave well with big customers. Parents will have to keep an eye on the nature and company of the children of Cancer zodiac, presently its company may deteriorate. People who are sick or hospitalized will need to avoid infection. Love and sweet speech will have a deep impact on the family members, the words of the heart can be shared with a close person.

Lion- On this day, you will have to try to keep yourself restrained according to the circumstances. By connecting the work in the office through technology, you can get good results. Traders need to pay special attention to the demand of the customers. Young people should bring some changes in themselves regarding career, while on the other hand, they will get success only if they set their goals and work hard. There is a possibility of getting infected due to health. Be careful while traveling or driving, there is a possibility of a vehicle accident. The mind can be sad due to the loss of someone in the family.

Virgo- Staying alert on this day, you have to understand things with patience. Keep yourself engaged in positive activities. People associated with the art world will get many good ones. You will get relief from official work soon. If you are working on a big project, then be careful, there is a possibility of making a mistake. There may be a loss regarding business, due to which the debt burden will also increase. Youth should be aware of bad company. Maintain a regular routine for diabetic high blood pressure patients. If the idea of ​​a religious trip can be made in the family, then go with the whole family. One should not support the wrong things of children.

Libra- On this day, where on one hand you have to help others, on the other hand you can get the responsibility of religious activities. Chances of transfer and promotion are strong. Big business rules follow the law. There may be an offer to work in partnership, conditions are good, it can be considered. Students will have to focus and increase, those who use mobile TV or laptop, they should get their eyes checked regularly. If any needy person has come around the house with the expectation of cooperation, then help him with all your heart. Advise the elder brother to be alert about the accident.

Scorpio- The planning done earlier today seems to be getting completed smoothly. Employed people need teamwork to complete the work, on the other hand big responsibilities can be found, in such a situation you will also be focused in completing this task. Those doing business of telecommunication will get good profit. The day is going to be almost normal for the youth. In terms of health, there is a possibility of burning and pain in the eyes. If the child is ill for many days, then it can be costly to be careless. There can be a dispute with friends or family members about something.

Sagittarius- Today, you can make a plan to complete the study, on the other hand, the increase of knowledge is also very important for you. It would be good to take knowledge of religious books also. There may be promotion or increase in salary. You will get the support of boss and high officials. In business matters, keep moving forward with positive energy while staying alert from opponents. Youth preparing for government job will get a good chance. Be careful while walking on the road or high places, otherwise you may get injured. You will get success in matters related to land and property. You will get a chance to participate in the happiness of the family.

Capricorn- On this day, do not talk contrary to your original nature, in such a situation, do not give advice to anyone without asking. There may be some tension financially. It is time to move forward by working hard in livelihood. You will undoubtedly get respect on the strength of ability-ability. There is a good profit for those doing the business of transport. Negligence in studies will cost the students dearly. Youth will have to show more seriousness towards career, presently good opportunities can be found. Be careful while walking on the road, there is a possibility of an accident. There may be a plan to go somewhere with family members.

Aquarius- On this day, the situation of socializing can give you benefits, in such a situation, increase the interaction with social media and people around you. Good offers can be considered if they come. Take special care that there is no dispute with a female colleague in the office. There are signs of good profit in business. Soon the conditions and favors will be there. Youth are seeing new challenges in the field of livelihood, so keep yourself mentally prepared. In terms of health, sugar patients have to be cautious. There is a possibility of sudden deterioration in health. Harsh words for loved ones will spoil their mind.

Pisces- Continuing the efforts on this day, efforts should be made till the end, your hard work will surely pay off tomorrow if not today. The prestige of the people associated with the media sector will increase. It is a day of profit for the sales and marketing people, on the other hand, success will be there in increasing the number of new clients. Those doing business of iron will get a big deal. Do not make big investments in business matters without consulting an experienced person. Today, precautions related to the epidemic will have to be taken regarding health. There will be a chance to meet loved ones, this will make the mind happy. If the child is marriageable, then their relationship can be confirmed.

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