horoscope horoscope daily| aaj ka rashifal 23 july 2021| astrology horoscope daily astrology in hindi| Horoscope for 23 July 2021. Virgo students will be successful today. Know your horoscope today.

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Horoscope, aaj ka rashifal 23 july 2021 


  • The people of Aries and Capricorn will get the benefit of planetary transits.
  • The people of Libra and Pisces will have to be health conscious today.
  • Cancer and Aquarius sign people will be successful in politics today.

Horoscope for 23 July 2021. Today at sunrise, the Moon is in Sagittarius and it is Purvashada Nakshatra. After 08 pm, the moon will come to Capricorn. Rest of the planetary positions are the same. The people of Aries and Capricorn will get the benefit of planetary transits. The people of Libra and Pisces will have to be health conscious today. People of Cancer and Aquarius will be successful in politics today. Let us now know today’s detailed horoscope–

Aries- Today the Moon is in Sagittarius. The tenth transit of Saturn is beautiful. There may be tension in the business regarding a particular task. Your political plans are successful. White color is auspicious.

Taurus- After 08 pm, the moon will come ninth from this zodiac. Due to the transit of the zodiac lord Venus and Moon, some big work can be done in the job today. Avoid carelessness in business. Red color is auspicious. You will get success in education. Donate urad.

Gemini- Today you will be successful in education. Promotion is possible in banking and IT career. Friends of Libra and Capricorn will benefit. Green is auspicious.

Cancer- You can be happy with the receipt of a new project in the job. The sixth transit of the Moon in Jupiter-dominated Sagittarius will do a lot of work. Religious travel plans will be fruitful. Red color is auspicious.

Lion- People related to real estate and banking will be motivated to change jobs. Religious rituals will be planned. Green color is auspicious. Expected success in business.

Virgo- Any stop related to job will be completed. The fifth transit of Saturn will provide benefits from higher officials in the job. Students will be successful. Violet color is auspicious. Feed banana to the cow.

Libra- Today there will be a situation of profit in the job. There will be a possibility of profit from the high officials of Aries and Capricorn in business. Orange color is auspicious. Recite Shri Sukta. Feed jaggery to the cow.

Scorpio- Today the Moon is twelfth with this zodiac. There is a struggle in business. There will be enthusiasm about getting a new position in the job. Green color is auspicious. Donate sesame seeds.

Sagittarius- Transit of Moon in this zodiac will give benefit to the students. Mars can give benefit in real estate. There is success in business even after struggle. There are signs of the arrival of stalled money. Purple color is auspicious. Sunderkand text is beneficial.

Capricorn- Shani and Guru are auspicious. There will be success in business. Moon’s transit in this zodiac is beneficial after 08 evening. Get blessings by touching the feet of the mother. Guru and Moon can provide wealth all of a sudden. Orange color is auspicious.

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Aquarius- Jupiter and Moon will expand your business thinking. You will be successful in job. Health can give trouble. Recite Bajrang Baan. White color is auspicious.

Pisces- The eleventh transit of the moon after 08 pm is auspicious. The path of promotion can open in the job. Jupiter and Saturn are favorable for business. People associated with politics will achieve success. Red color is auspicious. Donate religious books.

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