Horoscope today aaj ka rashifal 1st October 2021 in hindi people of Sagittarius and Aquarius will get benefits

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Horoscope for 1st October 2021 


  • The people of Libra and Capricorn will get health benefits.
  • Cancer and Leo sign people will be successful in politics.
  • Two zodiac signs will have the benefit of Moon in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn.

Horoscope Today 1st October 2021: Today at sunrise, the Moon is in Cancer and Pushya is the constellation. The lord of Cancer is Moon. Sun-Mars is in Virgo and Jupiter is in Capricorn. Rest of the planetary positions are the same. The people of Sagittarius and Aquarius will get the benefit of Moon in Cancer and Jupiter in Capricorn.

The people of Libra and Capricorn will have to be health conscious today. Cancer and Leo sign people will be successful in politics today. Know your horoscope for October 1.

1. Aries Horoscope-

Today, in the fourth house, the Moon and the sixth Mars Sun can give benefits in terms of job and business. The sixth transit of the Sun will make your education related plans successful. Any government work will be done with the help of friends. Yellow color is auspicious. Donate moong.

2. Taurus Horoscope-

Due to the third transit of the Moon, someone can give a new position in the job. Avoid carelessness in money transactions. Green is auspicious. You will get success in politics. Donate sesame seeds.

3. Gemini Horoscope-

Today students will be successful. Promotion is possible in the job. There will be profit in business from the friends of Cancer and Leo. Blue color is auspicious.

4. Cancer Horoscope-

The Moon is in this sign today. You can be happy with the gains in business. The cooperation of friends of Sagittarius and Capricorn will do a lot of work. The plan of new work in house construction will be fruitful. Green is auspicious.

5. Leo Horoscope-

Mars and Sun are twelfth from this zodiac. People associated with media and banking jobs will be inspired towards change. Religious travel will be planned. Orange color is auspicious. There will be success in business.

6. Virgo Horoscope-

Mars and Sun are now in this zodiac. Any stalled money will be received. The Moon of Cancer and Jupiter of Capricorn will provide benefits in job. Politicians will be successful. Purple color is auspicious. Feed jaggery to the cow.

7. Libra Horoscope-

Venus and Mercury are presently in this zodiac. Today there will be a conflict situation in the job. Venus and Moon will create the possibility of profit in business. White color is auspicious.

8. Scorpio Horoscope-

Moon and third Guru are auspicious in the house of fortune. You will be successful in getting a particular position in the job. There will be enthusiasm about a new project in the business. Red color is auspicious. Recite Shri Sukta for financial benefits.

9. Sagittarius Horoscope-

Jupiter and Mercury are favorable. There will be success in business. There are indications of the arrival of money stuck in the job. Red color is auspicious. The recitation of Saptashloki Durga is beneficial.

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10. Capricorn Horoscope-

With the transit of Jupiter and Saturn in this zodiac and the seventh transit of Moon, you will get success in many business works. Get blessings by touching the feet of the father. The ninth transit of Sun and Mars can provide huge benefits. Recite Shri Sukta. Blue color is auspicious.

11. Aquarius Horoscope-

Today is the sixth of the Moon, but Jupiter’s twelfth transit from this zodiac is auspicious. Business plan will get detail. People of banking and media jobs will be successful. Health can bring happiness. Sky color is auspicious.

12. Pisces Horoscope-

Today the Moon is fifth and Jupiter’s eleventh from this zodiac. There can be big gains in the job. The transit of Mars and Sun in Virgo will give benefits in banking service. People associated with politics will achieve success. Red color is auspicious. Read Shri Sukta.

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