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Surya Gochar 2021: Surya transit is considered very important in the world of astrology. The Sun stays in a zodiac (Rashi) for about 30 days and then transits its position in the next zodiac and transits it. Surya dev, considered to be the symbol of soul, father, health and vitality, is now once again performing its transitory period on May 14, Friday at 11 am, leaving the Aries sign of Venus at 15 minutes and Taurus of Venus. Going to enter In such a situation, it is natural that this transit of the Sun will definitely have some effect on the life of all the 12 zodiac signs. Let us know the effect of this transit of the Sun on all the 12 zodiac signs. Aries Horoscope: – For the Aries people, this transit of Sun God is pointing towards their economic benefit, because during this time you will be able to increase wealth through different mediums. However, some problems in family life may cause them problems. In such a situation, while speaking anything to the members of the household, choose your words carefully. Otherwise you can hurt them even if you don’t want to. If you are eligible for marriage, then your marriage will also be possible. At the same time some of the natives may face problems due to lack of appreciation of their superiors at the workplace. But in spite of this, they will also be able to earn some new opportunities to achieve progress in their life. The time will be very favorable for the students, because during this time they are going to score good marks in their examinations due to their hard work. Taurus Horoscope: –For the people of Taurus, the transit of Sun God is going to provide them strength and energy in their life. However, during this time your ego will also increase. In such a way, renounce your ego, otherwise some problems may arise in your life. On the other hand, if you are married, you may have to spend your money on your spouse. Along with this, there will be the possibility of getting bitterness in your speech. In such a situation, control your speech and behave decently with others, because it will benefit you in your personal life. Along with this, businessmen are also going to get many opportunities to earn profit. Gemini Horoscope: – The transit of Sun God in Taurus is going to affect the financial life of the people of Gemini zodiac most, because during this time your expenses will increase. In such a situation, to avoid financial constraints, make the right budget plan. However, any contact related to abroad will also prove to be beneficial for you. Along with this, some people will be able to earn success by showcasing their talent. Talking about merchant natives, they will have to spend some money to expand their business. Therefore, before spending any kind of money, you are given strict instructions to think properly.
Cancer Horoscope: – The transit of Sun God is going to be very favorable for the people of Cancer zodiac, because during this time you will be able to fulfill all your desires and ambitions. By adopting your plans, especially on the field, you will be able to profit from it. At the same time, your income will also increase in the present and you will be able to make yourself financially capable. Some of the natives will also benefit from the government sectors. On the other hand, if you work, then your senior officers will support you openly. But students are advised to work a little more during this time, because this period is seen as unfavorable for the students. Leo Horoscope: – The Sun God is the owner of your own zodiac sign, and his entering the zodiac sign during this transit is pointing towards giving you good success in your career. Which will progress you. Also you will be able to increase your income. If you were having any dispute with senior officials, then you will be able to improve your relationship with them. This period is going to be particularly favorable for those who do business with any government organization. Because during this time you can earn money from a big scheme, which will increase your confidence and you will also be successful in taking many important things. Virgo horoscope: – This transit of Sun God is pointing towards immense success for Virgo zodiac natives. Especially those who do business related to foreign countries, they will get many opportunities to expand their business during this period. With which their progress will increase, your interest in the spiritual field will also increase and you will be able to actively participate in religious works. This will also increase your scope in the society and you will come in contact with many influential people. The employed people will also get success in completing all their unfinished tasks during this period. Although your father’s health is possible. In such a situation, take proper care of them and take them to a good doctor if needed. Libra horoscope: – For the people of Libra zodiac, this transit of Sun God is going to give them some health loss. Especially during this time you may have problems due to some skin disorder or viral infections and sexual problems will also work to increase your discomfort. In such a situation, do not ignore even the smallest problem, seek the advice of a doctor immediately. However, you will be able to earn financial benefits during this period, which will also improve your financial situation. Those people who do business in partnership, they will get the most benefit from this transit. Also, the time will be favorable for traders associated with shares, inheritance, ancestral property etc. Scorpio Horoscope: – For the Scorpio zodiac, this transit of the Sun is bringing tremendous benefits in their life commercially. Also, married people will also get peace and prosperity in their lives during this period. However, you have to stop your ego from dominating yourself, especially while talking to your partner, otherwise there may be problems in your relationship. At the workplace, high officials of the jobbers will look somewhat dissatisfied with their work. In such a situation, you are advised not to fall into useless gossip at the workplace and continue your hard work. In terms of health too, this time will bring some irritability in your nature. Which can cause you trouble. In such a situation, taking recourse to yoga and meditation will prove to be the most favorable for you at this time. Sagittarius Horoscope: – For the people of Sagittarius zodiac, the transit of Sun God will activate your enemy. But it will also work to give you courage to fight them, so that you will be able to win over them at every step. Those students who are preparing for competitive examination will get the most auspicious results of this transit. At the same time, merchants will also be able to earn good profits from this period. If you are employed, your position will be better and you will be able to attract your colleagues and senior officers on the strength of your better production capacity. Time is a bit worrying for love affairs. In this case, take special care towards your words while talking to your partner. Capricorn Horoscope: – For the people of Capricorn, the transit of Sun God will work to give some health problems to their offspring. The negative impact of which is also going to affect their education. However, the students of Capricorn will get favorable results of this transit and their hard work will pay off, due to which they will be able to score good marks in every upcoming exam. Traders will also be seen performing well at this time, which will expand their business. Apart from this, in the matter of your health, during this time you are advised to take some precautions towards it, because the Sun God will bring irritability in your nature, as a result of which you will appear to dispute small things with others. Aquarius Horoscope: – For the people of Aquarius sign of Shani Dev, transit of Sun God will work to give some problems in their life. You will need to take special precautions especially on domestic matters, because during this time your estrangement with family members will be the main reason for disturbing the family environment. You will also be able to profit from business in business and partnership, but for that you will need to bring transparency in your relationship with your partner. Employed people will also be able to achieve new heights, because this state of transiting of Sun God will bring luck with you and it will improve your creative ability. Also you will be able to get a high position. Pisces Horoscope: – For the people of Pisces, this transit of Sun God will work to increase your concentration and dedication. Which will increase your energy. At the same time, you will be able to successfully face every challenge in your life by feeling fresh and refreshed. Your relationship with your spouse will improve in your married life too, so that you will be able to participate in religious activities with them. Some of the natives will have to travel a short distance and they will be able to make a profit from this journey. However, you also have to avoid taking unnecessary risks. 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