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Today Horoscope 25 July 2021: Planetary Position- Rahu is in Taurus, Mercury is in Gemini. Sun is in Cancer sign. Venus and Mars are in Leo. Ketu is in Scorpio. Saturn and Moon are in Capricorn. Jupiter is transiting in Aquarius.


Keep a short distance from Aries-court-court. There may be defeat. Don’t get into legal trouble. Avoid political interference. Health, love and business are the middle. Keep worshiping Shani Dev.

Taurus-There is an indication of defamation. Pay attention to social standing. Health will be almost fine. The state of love is also fine. From a business point of view would be called medium time. Keep worshiping Shani Dev.

Gemini-Be careful while driving. Circumstances are unfavourable. Don’t start anything new. Health medium, love will be right, business point of view will be called medium time. It will be good for you to donate white things to the temple of Lord Shiva.

Cancer-Pay attention to the health of your spouse. You can also be troubled by stomach disease. There are some disturbing elements in the business. pay attention. Don’t make a new start. Love situation is fine. Donate a blue item.

Lion-The stalled work will go on. Opponents will be defeated. Deep knowledge will be attained. Blessings will come from an older person. The right time will be called from health, love medium, business point of view. Worship Lord Shiva.

Virgo-You are the signs of the I-I. Students should not start any new. Health is fine, love is moderate, business is also looking moderate. Keep worshiping Shani Dev.

Libra-There will be an increase in material wealth, but you will also be worried about something of the same kind. You can be worried due to the spoilage of some household item. Health is mediocre. Blood pressure may be irregular. Pay attention to the health of the mother. Love is medium. Business also seems to be moderate. Donate white things.

Scorpio-Will be able to do any work because of the support of loved ones. It is a sign of business profit. Health is fine but there may be complaints of nose-ear-throat. Love Medium, From a business point of view you are looking right. Worship Bholenath.

Sagittarius-Do not invest capital. Do not invest money in gambling, betting, lottery. Do not get involved with relatives. Health is mediocre. Love is fine. From a business point of view would be called medium time. Worship Lord Bholenath.

Capricorn-The energy level will rise and fall. You will continue to be positive, negative. Health, love medium, business is also looking medium. Need to cross a little bit. Worship Maa Kali. There will be a solution.

Aquarius-The mind will be worried. You will be worried about the extra cost. There may be a situation of debt. Health medium, love will be right, business point of view will be called medium time. Worship Lord Ganesha.

Pisces-Pay attention to health. Financial matters will be resolved but the mind will remain a little disturbed. The status of love is also not looking very good. There are signs of controversy. Worship Lord Bholenath. will be good.

Ajay Kumar Singh


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