10 anime teams that need better leaders

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There is no “me” in a team, and most ensembles would do well to remember it. Unfortunately, when it comes to anime teams, this concept is a bit sketchy. Some kits work like a well-oiled machine, while others seem to be held together with tape and glue.

Leadership is essential to keeping a team motivated and organized. Only the most charismatic and intelligent characters can bring together a group of personalities and create a harmonious result. But when everything goes wrong, it is the one in command who must take responsibility.

10 Son Goku is the bane of the Z fighters (Dragon Ball Z)

The Z fighters aren’t your typical team, but they do team up with Son Goku when it’s time to fight powerful opponents. To their misfortune, members can often die in the blink of an eye. Krillin has died under Goku’s watch, and even Goku himself has passed away, leaving the team to its own devices for long periods of time. He even entrusted the fate of the world to his teenage son, Gohan, and ended up being lucky that it turned out as well as it did.

9 The Seven Deadly Sins Don’t Get Along (The Seven Deadly Sins)

Cohesion is essential for teamwork, but the Seven Deadly Sins often lack it. Rather than coming together as an all-powerful team that would have little chance of being defeated, the Sins are often faced with a myriad of strange reasons and misunderstandings. It is Meliodas’s responsibility, as leader, to unite these disparate personalities, and it is directly his fault that the kingdom takes so much damage when, together, the Sins could have stopped all threats in its path.

8 The Generation of Miracles didn’t last long enough (Kuroko’s basketball)

The Teiko Institute basketball team, made up of six highly talented members, managed to win the national high school basketball championships for three years in a row. Nicknamed “The Generation of Miracles,” it was an unstoppable force that inexplicably disbanded earlier than expected.

This is because the captain of the team, Seijuro Akashi, began to believe more in individual ability than in team effort, and, when his influence spread over others and caused their estrangement, it was the end of an era.

7 Hachiman Hikigaya Takes The Service Club Into Her Own Hands (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU)

Hachiman Hikigaya is the leader of the service club in all but name. Yukino Yukinoshita is often caught up in the schemes and machinations Hachiman conceives. The problem is, when it comes to the plans Hachiman creates, his self-destructive nature and pride mean that he almost never enlists the help of the two girls closest to him, despite how much that frustrates them. His ideas often get the job done, but he ends up being more of a solo player than a true leader.

6 the Hero Association is desperately out of reach (One-Punch Man)

If something can go wrong, it usually goes for the heroes of One-Punch Man. Supernatural threats attack almost constantly, and the Hero Association struggles to keep up with the battles taking place in each area under their watch. It takes a strong leader to make the tough decisions, but the hero association doesn’t have one right now. They don’t even have the right members to check if the new heroes are being classified correctly.

5 The Meta Liberation Army bet on the wrong horse (My Hero Academia)

Re-Destro, aka Rikiya Yotsubashi, believed in the ideals established by the original Destro. Freedom with the Quirks should be a given right, and the law should change to reflect it. However, although he followed this mantra as the leader of the Meta Liberation Army, he was merely taking over from the leaders who preceded him.

With Re-Destro in command, the followers of the Meta Liberation Army sacrificed themselves in vain for their ideals, especially when they conceded their defeat to the League of Villains.

4 Odd Jobs is a computer that barely works (Gintama)

Sakata Gintoki, Shimura Shinpachi and Kagure form a motley group that hardly feels united by a shared feeling. The self-proclaimed “Odd Jobs” team is designed to help city people with a variety of problems they may have. If they feel capable of doing it, of course. Normally, Gintoki only acts on his own whims, and his supposed leadership over Shinpachi and Kagura doesn’t amount to much more than giving orders and being rejected.

3 Dollars don’t even know who their leader is (Durarara!)

Known as the “colorless” gang, the Dollars represent an online group that quickly builds a dangerous reputation in Ikebukuro. What started out as Mikado Ryuugamine’s prank turns into something much more threatening, and it got to the point that Mikado was no longer able to control it. The members did not listen to their orders to stop their nefarious actions and, as the group formed online, the members were unable to recognize Mikado as their true leader.

2 Rin is not a village person (Idaten deities know only peace)

Being a deity known as Idaten is a heavy burden. Rin must continually guard the gate that prevents the demonic race from returning, but in doing so, she also failed to realize that demons were evolving into human forms right under her nose.

Additionally, his brutal training regimens deal enough damage to immobilize his allies for a time or make them instinctively fear him. When you need it most, you can lose yourself in your own thoughts for years.

1 Musashino Animation needed a better director (Shirobako)

As the director of Musashino Animation, Seiichi Kinoshita is responsible for the big decisions of the studio. However, he has a great aversion to work and instead of inspiring and bringing team members together, he often runs away from work and has to lock himself in to make sure he can get any job done. His spontaneous decisions to change the rhythms of the story cause production delays, and instead of seeking his leadership, the team prefers to seek the advice of the more organized Aoi Miyamori.

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