10 Average Anime Shonen That Stands Over Time


Shonen is arguably the most popular genre in anime, and for good reason. Who wouldn’t want long fantasy epics spearheaded by a brave and gifted hero? Thousands of anime have followed this formula and created incredibly intricate and creative adventures.

Shonen authors, while widely known for their groundbreaking stories, often fail on landing. Of course, this does not apply to all anime. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer They are great examples of shonen anime that fell by the wayside, but that doesn’t mean that only great shonen anime have great endings. Even normal shonen anime can have a satisfying ending.

10 The promised neverland warmed fans’ hearts

The Promised Neverland is one of the most unique and successful shonen anime of the last decade. Emma and her friends managed to save the children of Grace Field and leave the Demon World. In a surprising twist, the dark anime had a pretty happy ending.

Although many viewers may say that the fact that Emma loses her memory makes her fall short, keep in mind that The Promised Neverland it was never a happy slice of life. In the end, Emma may have lost her memories, but the children of Grace Field are reunited.

9 The Assassination Classroom Drew Tears

The end ofAssassination Classroom it was never a secret, and it was refreshing to see the author stick with his original argument. Koro-sensei and his students concluded the series’ four years with a final roll call. Koro never became the villain he was supposed to be for the viewers, and there was also no last minute change to save Koro-sensei.

From the beginning, Assassination Classroom He tried to cause Koro’s death and, in 46 episodes, viewers cried and fell in love with him. Nagisa’s replacement after Koro’s death made the ending satisfying and seamless.

8 the end of Death Note was dark but deserved

In a surprising twist, Light meets his end in Death Note. Throughout the series, fans can see Light’s complex and evil nature unfold. Despite being many steps ahead of other characters in the series, Light ended up being defeated. His arrogance was one of the main factors that contributed to his downfall.

It was an inconceivable ending for such a cynical and grim anime, but that’s what made it satisfying. Even fans who wanted more from Light found his mental decline to be an appropriate time for his end. And Light’s death fitted what Ryuk had warned him about.

7 Bakuman proved that everyone deserves a happy ending

Bakuman is a story about two high school students who wanted to pursue a career as a mangaka. Unexpectedly, the anime has given fans a more complete closure than the manga. In the end, Azuki and Mashiro are together, and fans can see an epilogue filled with happy moments.

There are flashbacks throughout the final episode that live up to its original promise. Azuki and Mashiro reenact the scene of Mashiro’s first advances towards her before he proposes to her. In the end, the anime tied up all the plot ends, and fans received the closure that the manga failed to deliver.

6 Slam Dunk’s friendship proves to be stronger than the odds

Slam DunkLike many other sports anime, it thrives on competition and the bonds between its members. The last episode follows the match between Shoyo-Ryonan and Shohoku. Tension is high in the episode, as the two teams are tied on the scoreboard.

The Shohoku institute ends up winning with a score of 76-74, and the fans can finally breathe easy knowing that the work of their protagonists has paid off. The match was won by a mate from Haruko. At the end of the episode, Shohoku’s team boards their train, all vowing to pursue the same championship success.

5 Kono Oto Tomare proves that blood is thicker than water

She and Hozuki’s mother were able to reconcile. At last, she can really see the real Hozuki and understand her daughter’s situation for the first time. The last episode of the second season also showcases the impressive skills of all acting schools, although the leads do not win the competition.

It was a humbling experience for Kazusa, but the main cast was able to continue to enjoy moments of joy and laughter. Kono Oto Tomare ends up with the same warm feelings that initially attracted fans.

4 Dororo’s ending was surprisingly forgiving and heartfelt

Hyakkimaru’s suffering finally comes to an end. Fans are greeted with a great battle scene, and in a surprising twist, they watch Hyakkimaru forgive Tahomaru. The ending returns Hyakkimaruu to his body. Despite being a dark and solemn anime, Hyakkimaru and Dororo were able to receive a happier future.

Hyakkimaru’s decision to continue living as a human was more unexpected, but welcome. Despite not being something concrete, fans are led to believe that Dororo and Hyakkimaru end up together. Dororo is shown to have grown up wonderfully, as has Hyakkimaru. The two hug at the end and Dororo proves that an ending can be happy and satisfying.

3 The end of Moriarty the Patriot is not a true ending

The two seasons have been filled with the bitter feud between William and Holmes. In the end, the final problem is revealed along with the reason why Jack and Holmes had to be enemies. The class divide in London is broken by Sebastian’s speech and the nobles help the commoners to extinguish the fires. In the end, London is rebuilt by everyone, regardless of class.

Watson makes William a common enemy in his novel, and Albert atones for William’s crimes by agreeing to jail. William and Holmes disappear at the end, but the final moments of the ending reveal that they both survive their downfall and the cat and mouse race continues.

2 Noragami’s ending is full of hope and promise for the future

Noragami ended his dark hidden plot on a high note. Ebisu is killed by the ring of pacification, but is reincarnated without the memories of his previous life. Yato fondly talks about his friend’s past identity to the new Ebisu, who is a boy. Yato is moved by Ebisu’s sacrifice and dismisses his past as God of Calamity. He swears to be more like his great friend.

Following the path of love and compassion, Yato frees Nora. His love for humanity remains, and he embarks on a journey to be a God of Fortune.

1 The ending of Mahoutsukai no Yome is wonderfully romantic

Chise finally defeats her own demons in the end. Cartaphilus is arrested, and his inner confusion is finally resolved. Thanks to managing her own challenges throughout the anime, Chise was able to mature and fully open up to Elias. The end de Mahoutsukai no Yome presents beautiful music and visuals that accompany the couple when Elias proposes marriage. Elias and Chise had a beautiful marriage.

The wedding scene was magical, but what was most surprising was how the ending showed the character development of Elias and Chise. In the last episode a new depth is observed in their relationship. The second season of Mahoutsukai no YomeAlthough it has made room for a possible new season, it has come to a successful conclusion.

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