10 famous anime hero costumes, sorted by style

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What good is beating an opponent if you can’t do it in style? At first glance, anime fans may not consider the clothing of their favorite characters important. However, looks can make an essential first impression, and a stylish outfit can define an anime hero’s personality like nothing else.

Some costumes reveal the hero’s personality, while others refer to his powers or upbringing. Some anime heroes regularly change their wardrobe to suit their mood, an enemy, or just to play on their fashion sense. The costumes represent the core of an anime hero, and the more stylish they are, the better.

10 Saitama’s costume is simple but impressive (One Punch Man)

At first glance, Saitama’s hero costume is very straightforward. It could look like a child disguising himself as a hero with a shower curtain around his neck. However, it is beyond the surface where his bright yellow suit can truly shine.

His red gloves and boots accentuate the bold colors and the sheer white cape provides a clean and heroic look when it ripples behind him. In combat, Saitama pushes his suit to the limit and proves that it is a design that combines fashion with functionality.

9 Ryuko Matoi reveals her personality (Kill La Kill)

There is no doubt that Ryuko Matoi has the most revealing costume of all the anime heroines. Ryuko herself is well aware of this and, not surprisingly, acts embarrassed and embarrassed to begin with. In the plot of Kill la Kill, clothing powered by vital fibers plays a vital role, and she must overcome her feelings for the suit to be victorious.

Red and black accents with sharp lines paint the picture of an aggressive and powerful character, and when Ryuko fully embraces it, she has the look of one of the most impressive heroines in the business.

8 Lelouch Lamperouge revels in the theater (Code Geass)

Zero’s character is a theatrical performance from every angle. Lelouch Lamperouge knows this, and that is why he chooses to wear the most extravagant costume he can think of.

The long, draped capes are reminiscent of Dracula or other nefarious characters, and the sharp, bulbous helmet would fit perfectly into a Shakespearean play. The costume underneath is also regal, which suggests Lelouch’s true origins.

7 The best Juanista is dedicated to a specific niche (My Hero Academia)

Jeans come in various forms and their styles have changed in popularity with the times. In My Hero Academia, there is a hero who especially appreciates the heritage of cowboys. Tsunagu Hakamada, also known as the best jeanista, not only has a love for this specific type of pants, but his outfit is lined with denim from top to bottom.

Wearing a belt around your jean neck is a strange but stylistically old-fashioned option, and it pairs well with the larger jean neckline that sometimes circles your head.

6 Vivy is a diva from the future (Vivy: fluorite eye song)

Vivy is a singing android of a future in which AI provides much of the entertainment for humans. She was built and designed to perform on stage and her outfit reflects what she might look like in the distant future.

Her long, elegant sky blue dress matches her hair color perfectly, and her knee-length white papers add a regal touch. When paired with his shorter cape, the suit becomes a character unto itself while doing stunts in combat encounters.

5 Blue Rose is an icy hero (Tiger & Bunny)

Heroes of the universe Tiger and Bunny they are quite different from the heroes of normal fiction. They continue to work to save lives, but are also used as publicity tools bearing brand names on their suits. Their costumes are designed to be shown on reality TV and no one embodies it better than Blue Rose, aka Karina Lyle.

Her cool personality is shown in a frosty blue dress that looks like a cross between a swimsuit and marching band outfit, with Pepsi branding on it to complete her artist look.

4 Future Trunks Brings New Fashion Sensibilities to Saiyans (Dragon Ball Z)

Until thetime of Future Trunks first appearance in Dragon Ball Z, fans knew what to expect when it came to Saiyans fashion. Orange and blue training gi combinations were all the rage among Z fighters, but Trunks broke this trend.

His short blue jacket and black underwear were a combination, literally, from another era, while the yellow boots stood out amid the darker colors of the rest of the ensemble.

3 Spike Spiegel define la ropa informal inteligente (Cowboy Bebop)

Many people struggle to find the balance of exactly what a “smart casual” outfit is. Spike Spiegel is not one of those people. His navy blue suit has been used a lot, and it’s a look that can work in just about any situation.

Along with the raised collar of his yellow shirt and loose tie, he presents the look of a man who wants to dress to impress, but doesn’t sacrifice his own comfort to do so.

2 Ichigo Kurosaki makes a classic look work (Bleach)

If ever there was a fashion example in anime, it is Ichigo Kurosaki. The teen-turned-Soul Reaper often wears his black and white samurai-inspired hakama in combat, and it’s a classic look that fans of samurai fiction will never tire of.

Her outfit goes through several changes as she evolves, including the simple but effective jet black and red design of her Bankai outfit. Even when he’s knocked out, Ichigo is not a man to miss out on fashion trends.

1 Jotaro Kujo is the coolest hero in anime (Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure)

Anime heroes have no more flair than Jotaro Kujo. His long black leather jacket has more curves than Yugi Muto, while the rounded shoulders, Egyptian-style belt, and gold buttons add enough distinctive shapes and liveliness to make the entire heroic outfit stand out that much more.

What use are the gold chains around his neck? No one really knows, but it’s impossible to deny that they look incredibly impressive and complete Jotaro’s bad boy image.

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