3 options that will inspire you if you get married in autumn / winter

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Fall and winter weddings have a very attractive incentive for those planning to get married: the wedding dress can incorporate one of the most elegant and distinctive details, the long sleeve. In recent weeks, there have been several fiancees who have opted for these types of designs, revealing the best inspiration if you plan to go through the altar at this time of year or in cold weather places. María Astrid of Liechtenstein, Lady Charlotte Diana Lindesay-Bethune and Marta Prats They have chosen very different dresses but with that common link. Simple, romantic or ‘royal’? Whatever your favorite style, among these three wedding dresses may be your favorite.

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A ‘royal’ bride with a 19th century tiara

September 2021 has been one of the most prolific months when it comes to weddings, and it is only necessary to analyze the last two weekends to find the best wedding dress inspiration. In the long list of known couples who have said “yes, I do” these weeks, the link between the princess Maria Astrid from Liechtenstein and businessman Ralph Worthington, heir to Metropolitan Oil, has been one of the most exclusive. The Tuscan town of Orbetello hosted this religious ceremony for which the youngest daughter of Prince Nicholas of Liechtenstein and Margaret of Luxembourg, cousin of the kings of Belgium, chose a precious ivory dress with a subtle ‘V’ neckline that left part of the shoulders in view. The overskirt and the embroidery describing diamonds throughout the design achieved a very special look, with historicist airs, which very elegantly outlined the princess’s body.

Despite the personal dress, what most attracted the attention of Maria Astrid from Liechtenstein’s wedding look was the tiara that fixed the long veil. It’s about the diadema Kinsky Honeysuckle, a jewel with plant motifs made of diamonds, silver and gold dating from the 19th century. As we said, the story says that it was a wedding gift that Ferdinand Bonaventura, seventh Prince Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau, gave to his wife, Princess María Josefa of Liechtenstein, in 1870. Tatiana of Liechtenstein and Angela Brown, wife of Prince Maximilian , they also carried it in their links, in 1999 and 2000 respectively. More than two decades later, Maria Astrid from Liechtenstein combined this stunning tiara with simple teardrop earrings, the same ones her mother wore when she married Prince Nicholas and like his sister María Anunciata who, just a few weeks ago, became the wife of businessman Emanuele Musini.

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The most romantic brides dress

Other link with stamp royal This weekend was Jaime de Borbón-Dos Sicilias, Duke of Noto and grandson of the late Infante Don Carlos (cousin of King Juan Carlos), and Scottish Lady Charlotte Diana Lindesay-Bethune. The couple became married in the Cathedral of Monreale, in the province of Palermo (Sicily), and she chose a classic and very romantic design whose lace was reminiscent of Grace Kelly’s dress, also inspired by the one that Kitty Spencer wore just a few months ago. . While Kitty opted for a Dolce & Gabbana creation entirely covered in that finish, Charlotte Diana combined the Lace bodice, high neck and long sleeves, with a smooth and slightly satin skirt with a princess silhouette ending in a train.

The tiara that accompanied the dress is a piece with mysterious origins. Its structure, known as fringe, is full of diamonds and pearls, matching her earrings. And although there was talk that it could be a piece belonging to Catherine of Kent, it is believed that it would actually be part of the Lindsay County women’s jewelry box. The hairstyle, an elaborate gathered around the headband that left her face uncovered, continued the romantic line of the body of the dress, confirming the return of lace as the bridal trend of the year.

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A simple and modern bride with two-tone shoes

Back in our country, one of the most inspiring brides in recent weeks has been Marta Prats, daughter of the presenter Matías Prats, who said “yes, I want to” with the economist Alberto Salas in the chapel of Our Lady of Begoña, in Madrid, on September 17. The designer Diego Estrada was in charge of creating the bride’s dress, a simple but very modern piece that, thanks to the openings cut outs at the waist, it favored him a lot. Although it is a common detail in party dresses, it is not so much in bridal looks, with which it became the absolute protagonist of the model made in crepe with a column silhouette, ‘V’ neckline and semitransparent sleeves in pleated chiffon. This finish is ideal for halftime periods, when both the sun and the rain can accompany the big day, and in this case, in addition, they were detachable, just like the tail.

“Martha I was clear that I wanted to be comfortable, simple, without a back to the air and not in a princess format”, The couturier explained about the piece he created for this minimalist and avant-garde bride. Of course, Marta also brought a more classic air with the veil and the wavy semi-gathered, and added a very groundbreaking touch with her shoes, a design bicolor black and white from Marni. The bouquet also put color in the bridal look, since it chose a bouquet wild pink and green by Elena Suárez & Co .; a choice with which she stands out from the two previous brides, who, more classic, opted for white flowers.


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