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Discover the exciting world of Japanese animation with a selection of titles for all audiences.

The world of anime can boast of having more followers every time. Of course, Japanese animation is not a new trend, far from it. Already at the end of the 80s and 90s, series such as Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, The family grows and a long etcetera triumphed in Spain. However, the genre has experienced a great ‘boom’ thanks to the arrival of ‘streaming’ and video on demand platforms.

If you are one of those who still resists hiring a ‘streaming’ service, and you are a great lover of anime, take note because Pluto TV is going to become your best ally. To start enjoying the best Japanese animation, we bring you a selection of nine must-see titles that you can start watching today. Inazuma Eleven, Air Gear, Ninja Hattori and Kiteretsu are just some of them.

‘Inazuma Eleven’

One of the animes that you can enjoy on Pluto TV is Inazuma Eleven. Unlike other Japanese animation series, the series created by Level-5 is not based on a manga, but on the eponymous video game franchise published for Nintendo. The plot centers on Mark Evans, the captain of the Raimon High School football team. Evans has always dreamed of winning the National Championship; nevertheless the rest of his companions play soccer without any pretense. When the club receives an invitation to face the best team in Japan, the Royal Academy, Evans will do his best to get another 4 players to add the 11 necessary to enter the professional league. This is just one of the obstacles that Mark Evans will have to face if he wants to fulfill that wish.

Seasons available: 4 (174 episodes available)


Reborn! is the Spanish title of the Artland anime based on the homonymous manga by the Japanese writer, Akira Amano. The story follows Tsunayoshi Sawada, better known as Tsuna, a teenager with zero interest in studies, who is about to discover that he is the successor of a powerful mafia family. Overnight, he will see his future solved when he knows that he will become the leader of the Vongola. To do this, he must learn from the best, a baby who is actually the most dangerous hit man in the country.

Seasons available: 1 (80 episodes available)

‘Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms’

Phil Weinstein and Tad Stones are the directors of Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms, the animated film inspired by the graphic novels of Mike Mignola. The story begins when a mythology teacher is possessed by Thunder and Lightning, two malevolent Japanese spirits who appear when opening a mysterious scroll. It is then that Hellboy goes into action with the aim of preventing Thunder and Lightning from getting a powerful magic sword with which they could bring their dangerous brothers back to life.

‘Sargento Keroro’

Another of the animes that you can see on Pluto TV is Sargento Keroro, an animated series for the whole family. The fiction is inspired by the homonymous manga created by Mine Yoshizaki, and follows Fuyuki Hinata, a teenager who, after dreaming of an alien invasion, discovers that a curious alien frog has sneaked into his house. He soon discovers that the new tenant, named Keroro, has traveled to Earth with the intention of invading it. Day after day, Fuyuki and her sister Natsumi live fun adventures with the great Keroro, and other of his alien friends who come to our planet to carry out their mission.

Seasons available: 1 (80 episodes available)

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‘Air Gear’

Air Gear It is one of the perfect animes to enjoy with the family, which Pluto Tv offers in its catalog. The series is inspired by the homonymous manga by Ito Ogure, and follows Ikki, an orphan teenager who calls himself Baby Face, in the world of gangs of young criminals. One night he is tied up by the Skulls Saders, one of his enemy gangs, the one on the East side. From that moment on, he began to practice the Air Treck, a style of skating perfectly mastered by the members of the Skulls Saders.

Seasons available: 1 (26 episodes available)

‘Ninja Hattori’

This mythical and long-lived anime was born in 1981 and is based on the homonymous manga by Fujiko Fujio. Developed by Shin-Ei Animation Studios, Ninja Hattori It has almost 700 episodes and stars a 10-year-old boy named Kenichi Mitsuba who is used to being a lazy in class and who brings his teachers and parents down the path of bitterness. Until he meets Kanzo Hattori, a small but brilliant ninja who gives the series its name and who becomes part of his family. The one in charge of making life impossible for both of them is Kemuzo Kemumaki, who together with his cat causes them a lot of problems.

Seasons available: 1 (80 episodes available).


Also based on a homonymous manga, this time by Japanese author Osamu Akimoto, Kochi Kame is an anime series produced by Studio Gallop that is set in a police station where its main character, Kankichi Ryotsu, works, an ordinary man who has made his main mission in the body to get the operations that he carries out. carry out as little work and time as possible but provide you with a profit. Of course, that makes all your ideas always go wrong, but at the same time hilarious situations occur.

Seasons available: 1 (40 episodes)


If you liked Doraemon you have to know Kiteretsu, an anime series aired for more than 300 episodes between 1988 and 1996 as an adaptation of the homonymous manga and starring Nobita’s smarter cousin. Both anime, Doraemon and Kiteretsu, have been developed by the same creator, so the similarities in appearance are justified, but they also share a universe. About the history of anime we can tell you that it follows the adventures of a very intelligent boy, a genius inventor capable of developing the strangest gadgets.

Seasons available: 1 (40 episodes)


If you freaked out with Oliver and BenjiMaybe you want to give this anime series based on the manga created by Daisuke Higuchi a try. It tells the story of Sho Jazamatsuri, a young man who loves soccer above all else and who wants to become a professional player. However, his short stature and little skill with the ball do not make things easy for him, so he has to settle for joining a smaller team in which to put all his dedication to show that both he and his teammates can become the best.

Seasons available: 1

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