A fire devastates 19 plots of the La Manga Caravaning campsite


The emergency troops had to evacuate the residents and spread out across the Mar Menor to put out the fire, which has spread with great intensity.

A fire of great intensity devastates 19 plots of bungalows and caravans, which have been completely burned, from Camping Villa Caravaning de La Manga, next to the Mar Menor, as reported by the emergency services and the Local Police of Cartagena. There are no injuries, but many people have had to be evicted.

The Cartagena City Council communicates that after offering a housing solution to those who have lost their caravan, it will not be necessary to relocate any residents, since they had relatives in the environment. From the campsite they do not know the exact number of people affected or how many houses have burned.

The 112 received at eight thirty in the morning of this Sunday the notice of a fire declared in a camping caravan that extends to other plots. So far, it has been possible to count that it has affected 19 plots of the enclosure and there are no injuries. Although the fire is already controlled, the Firefighters continue to cool the area to prevent the wind from reigniting the flames.

The fire has created a great smoke that could be seen for miles and alerted the neighbors. In addition, the flames could be seen from the La Manga highway (RM-12 road), since the traffic was not cut off at any time.

Cartagena Firefighters, Consortium Firefighters, Local Police, Civil Protection, Civil Guard and a prevention ambulance were deployed both by land and by the Mar Menor as it was a fire that has spread with great intensity through many caravanning huts. Three light pumpers, two mothership pumps, and two light vehicles from Headquarters with a total of 22 personnel moved to the site. The Consortium Firefighters also helped with a light fire engine and a mother pump.

In the vicinity of the campsite, neighbors whose houses have not been affected looked out curiously and recorded videos. Likewise, owners of a plot that were not in the campsite asked someone they knew to go and verify if their house had been one of the houses that have been completely destroyed.

In the area, the Councilor for Citizen Security, Juan Pedro Torralba, has appeared to check the progress of the extinction work and the situation in which the neighbors were. “Fortunately, the flames have not caused personal injury,” explained the mayor.

Likewise, Social Services technicians have traveled to Villas Caravaning to provide support to families whose homes have been affected, to whom psychological support has been offered, which in the end has not been necessary. They have also offered a housing solution to an older couple, since they have been the only family with a habitual residence in Villas Caravaning, but it will not finally be necessary to relocate since they had relatives in the environment.

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