“A glitch in the matrix”, subject finds the Game Boy of his childhood in the store of a video game expo

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Surely at some point in your life you have sold one of your consoles. Either out of necessity or simply because you were looking for funds to buy more games or a new console. Surely at some point you regretted getting away from such a beloved product and would like to meet them. It is most likely difficult, but not impossible. The clearest proof is in a subject who was reunited with his childhood Game Boy many years later.

On the subreddit r/gaming, a subject known as 2scott2handle told a story that would seem impossible. It turns out that years ago he had thrown away the Game Boy that his father had given him in his childhood. Detaching yourself from an object with such sentimental value can be painful, but there are reasons to do so.

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However, it seems that fate wanted Scott and this Game Boy to be together. What happens is that he went to a video game convention and looking at the store of one of the exhibitors, he found something that caught his attention. It was a Game Boy Color of the same model as the one I had when I was a child. He decided to take it to inspect it more closely and as he did so he saw that his name was written near the part where the cartridges are put. It wasn’t just any Game Boy Color, it was the Game Boy of his childhood!

“A surreal moment today. I went to an expo in Oaks, Pennsylvania. I spoke to a woman who was selling Game Boys and connected with this one because my dad bought me my first Game Boy sometime in 2000 or so. I ASK YOU TO SEE THE GAME BOY COLOR AND YOU HAVE MY NAME WRITTEN. S. Myrphy. This is the biggest coincidence I’ve ever experienced or it’s mine from the early 2000s, ”the user said on reddit.

The Game Boy traveled several miles across the United States

The most impressive thing about all this is that both Scott and his Game Boy were separated by thousands of kilometers before reuniting. The gamer protagonist of this story spent his childhood in California and there he got rid of the console. For his part, the salesman carrying the Game Boy Color is from Florida and the meeting was in Pennsylvania.

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“What makes me doubt that he is mine is that he is from Florida and I am from California. You should have seen my face, but I got in touch with my dad who I haven’t talked to for years and he told me it’s his handwriting (but you have to consider that it’s not a good source and I know him well as a person) ”, said Scott .

It is worth mentioning that Scott bought the Game Boy Color for $ 50 USD and also took a copy of Pokémon Yellow.

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The reddit community is impressed

As you can imagine, members of the Reddit community are flabbergasted with this story. How can such a big coincidence happen? The community was not silent and showed their surprise in different comments.

“That’s a glitch-style thing in the matrix. You and your Game Boy reunited, ”said user Zeta_Fish1.

“It’s crazy how things had to happen, you had to write your name on it, the other owners had to not remove it and then you had to find it randomly and figure out the name. If the name had been removed, then you could have found your old Game Boy without knowing it, ”said TannedCcroissant.

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We know what you’re thinking: it’s a reddit story, where many post made-up stories to earn sweet internet points. Perhaps Scott’s story is made up of his imagination to get attention; However, at LEVEL UP we decided to believe that good things can happen and that not all strangers on the Internet are here to fool us. After all, it’s a pretty, harmless, and technically possible story.

And to you, what did you think of this story? Has something similar ever happened to you? Tell us in the comments.

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