Jujutsu Kaisen has the best female characters and Nobara is the proof


Jujutsu Kaisen he’s working hard behind the scenes on his first movie, and things are moving along with the manga. Gege Akutami is busy juggling his wizards these days, so fans are taking the time to dive deep into some of their favorite heroes.

Of course, Nobara Kugisaki It didn’t take long to appear, and a viral post has fans talking about one of the hero’s best qualities. The popularity of the sorceress is so great that even the creator of Chainsaw Man draws Nobara to the delight of Internet users.

Fan celebrates Yuji and Nobara’s relationship

Nobara Kugisaki’s character praised in shonen anime

On this occasion, a publication came to light in Youtube courtesy of user Kira CP. It was there that the fan took note of something special about Nobara that is often overlooked in shonen titles. And now, Akutami fans are having trouble not seeing the trait.

“I love when Yuji carries Nobara and they don’t use that moment to make her look weak, or force us to have a stale romance turning her into a tearful mess. She just thanks him for being friends and is still as tough as ever,” he writes. user Kira CP with almost 3,000 likes on his post.

Of course, anime fans can point out this moment from the first season. After all, Yuji carries Nobara on a mission when she continues to fight in his arms.

The curses that followed the pair weren’t ready for attack when Yuji withdrew, and fans reveled in the top-tier team. In fact, Nobara simply tells Yuji that his back is turned, and then goes back to work. Previously, we reported that a cosplay captures Nobara’s ferocity.

How many seasons does Jujutsu Kaisen have?

Jujutsu Kaisen has 1 anime season on Crunchyroll, a famous streaming platform that broadcast the new episodes of the show on a weekly basis. On the other hand, The Truth News reminds you that MAP study will release the film Jujutsu-Kaisen 0 in December 2021.

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