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Beast is a freelance animator involved in the production of the anime adaptation of the light novels Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation (Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu). He recently posted a series of updates relating that the animators of the project competed as they were all interested in doing the scene of Christian Organization.

Mushoku Tensei animators competed to make the Kishirika scene

«Ok, here’s a funny story about the twelfth episode of Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. I have told some colleagues that in an episode in which I worked I witnessed a real “War of Waifus”, and indeed it was this one. The “War” being the animators fighting for the new pretty girl in the series. It happens that almost all the animators of the episode (including me) wanted to animate the sequence of Kishirika, because it was just hilarious and the character is great. So we started to compete and negotiate with PA-san (the producer) in order to get the sequence …», Began his story.

«Things like: “PA-san, I promise I can do this sequence faster, so please give it to me!” It seems that we put PA-san in a tight spot, because he didn’t know who to give the sequence to and we were all looking forward. I think he even delayed production like a week. In the end, instead of the Kishirika sequence, I got the part where Rudeus talks to the Hitogami, and although it was very interesting, I was like: “I wanted to draw the cute girl, but instead I ended up with the otaku fat and naked … “‘He continued.

«However, I was really happy when I saw the episode, because Sato-sensei made the sequence as funny as I imagined. It was PA-san’s right choice. So that was it, the “Waifus Wars” are real for some episodes. We may be professionals, but the weakness is stronger. By the way, this episode had the prettiest storyboards I’ve ever seen. I keep them as a little treasure. I hope you can see them one day!», He concluded.

This second part is currently on air and is confirmed with a total of twelve episodes, while the platform Funimation is in charge of its distribution in Latin America, also including a Spanish dubbing. The first part aired in the Winter-2021 season (January-March), with eleven episodes. It should be remembered that the video game Mushoku Tensei: Game ni Nattemo Honki Dasu is available in the catalog of QooApp on this link.

Production team

  • Manabu Okamoto (Gamers!) is in charge of the direction of the anime in Studio Bind, while EGG FIRM production is credited.
  • Kazutaka Sugiyama (Darling in the FranXX) is in charge of character design.
  • Yoshiaki Fujisawa (Houseki no Kuni (TV), Isekai Cheat Magician, Love Live! School Idol Project) is in charge of the composition of the soundtrack.
  • Yuiko Oohara he performed the first opening song titled “Tabibito no Uta (旅人 の 唄)”, as well as the first closing song titled “Only (オ ン リ ー)”.

Sinopsis de Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

Despite being bullied, despised, and oppressed his entire life, a thirty-four-year-old hikikomori still found the determination to try something heroic, only to have it end in a tragic accident. But in a twist of fate, he awakens in another world as Rudeus Greyrat, beginning a new life as a baby born to two loving parents.

Preserving his memories and knowledge of his previous life, Rudeus quickly adapts to his new surroundings. With the mind of an older adult, she begins to display a magical talent that exceeds all expectations, honing her skill with the help of a magician named Roxy Migurdia. Rudeus learns to use the sword from his father, Paul, and meets Sylphiette, a girl his age who quickly becomes his best friend. As Rudeus’ second chance at life begins, he tries to make the most of his new chance while conquering his traumatic past. And maybe, one day, he can find the one thing he couldn’t find in his old world: love.

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