My Hero Academy Manga Reveals Stain’s Escape From Tartarus


The most recent chapter in the series of manga original from Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia, sheds new light on the Stain’s escape from the prison of Tartarus. The Final Act of the manga continues and the stage is setting for the next main arc.

The heroes have been fighting both physically and emotionally after all that All For One and Tomura Shigaraki they have done to Japan, and the heroes will need all the help they can get.

That help also comes from a rather surprising source, as it was revealed in the previous chapter that “Hero Killer” Stain will likely be one of the heroes’ best allies. Similarly, the yuda included America’s No. 1 hero, Star and Stripe.

What happened to Stain?

Foto: BONES / My Hero Academia

The Hero Killer “Stain” is alive. Fans found out about this, after it was revealed that he was one of the many prisoners who had been freed from Tartarus during the All For One attack. Then we’ve only seen snippets of what the villain had been up to in the month since. his escape.

After facing off against All Might, it was shown that Strain had important information to pass on. Information you really focused on getting during your initial escape. Before you can catch up on the manga of My Hero Academia in the MANGA Plus application.

Spoilers from My Hero Acadrmia chapter 328

Stain escaping from Tartarus prison

Boku no Hero Academia manga chapter 328 goes back to All For One and Shigaraki’s initial attack on Tartarus prison. Stain had been killing some of the other fugitives, and quickly says that because Tartarus is falling apart, something terrible was happening in the outside world.

Then he realizes that the information will be key to going beyond what comes next, and he finds a security guard grabbing something important. Finding out that the guard had been holding on to some important sealed data with the last of his strength, he decides to take it and assures the guard that he will reach the right person.

Foto: Shonen Jump en Twitter “MHA 328”

As the guard blindly yells at Stain for taking this information, fans know that Stain is actually referring to All Might right now, as we saw him pass on whatever this knowledge was to the former main hero at the end of the previous chapter. from My Hero Academia.

Then from there, the unexpected All Might follower ends up avoiding the mass of prisoners who reunite with All For One and leave on their own. The Truth News shares with you, that Satin’s return certainly showed the villain in a whole new light.

After all, the fall of traditional hero society, its ideals (though taken to violent extremes) end up aligning more with those still fighting for the good fight. It’s something All Might and the others have had to come to terms with, and it’s something the My Hero Academia series will likely continue to explore.

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