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This cosplay of Sasuke as a woman will change the way you see Naruto


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Naruto has great characters to make our own versions, but none is as big as this sasuke cosplay woman that will really make you rethink everything you know about Naruto.

This Sasuke cosplay that is inspired by the darkest stage of the ninja who escaped from the village hidden in the leaf, after he escaped from Orochimaru and began his campaign to kill Naruto and awaken a new stage of his sharingan.

To make this cosplay is really difficult, because the complexity of the costume is quite high due to its details and its characteristics. However, this cosplayer, identified by herself as All Might’s Wife, managed to get it with everything.

Also, as you can see in each of these photos, he not only committed to the visual form of his outfit, but to all of Sasuke’s personality at that stage of his life, which for many is a favorite.

Now that you can see Sasuke as a woman, maybe you could consider several things, like why is he a man and not a woman, because he looks fucking epic, you can’t lie.

Anyway, he also overcame this stage and the end of Naruto returned a small smile and he could stop being an emo teenager to be an emo adult, but he is already next to his boyfriend who took him away from the position of president of the hidden village of the leaf.


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