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  • Audience dislikes Hindi remake of ‘Mulshi Pattern’
  • Abandoned meme created by netizens on ‘Final’
  • Discussion of Rangliye ‘Antim’ on social media

Mumbai– ‘Mulshi Pattern’ is considered to be one of the best films in Marathi cinema. The movie had driven the audience crazy. The film won the hearts of the audience in terms of story, setting, cast and music. Directed by popular writer, director and actor Praveen Tarde, ‘Mulshi Pattern’ was a hit with the audience. However, the audience is unhappy with the Hindi remake of the same film. The remake of ‘Mulshi Pattern’ is called ‘Final: The Final Truth’. The Hindi remake of this much talked about film has been brought by Salaman Khan. Sallu and Ayush Sharma are sharing the screen.

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The trailer of Mahesh Manjrekar directed ‘Antim’ was released recently but it seems that the netizens did not like it much. The netizens have created abandoned memes on the trailer. Which is hotly debated on social media.

Some have said that ‘Mulshi Pattern’ cannot be compared to ‘Final’. Some have likened ‘mulshi pattern’ to basundi and ‘antim’ to cracked milk.

Some have even ridiculed Mahesh Manjrekar’s look in the film.

Many have called the ‘last’ a fungus pattern.

Praveen Tarde’s ‘Mulshi Pattern’ did well. The state-of-the-art film was specially screened for superstars Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan.

He had come to see the film because of the words of the film’s DOP Mahesh Limaye. After watching this movie, they also liked it immensely. He has brought ‘Mulshi Pattern’ in Hindi as he likes the subject of farmers shown in the film.

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