Armed Taliban seen enjoying swings and sipping tea in Kabul’s amusement park | Armed Taliban seen swinging and sipping tea in Kabul’s amusement park

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Kabul17 days ago

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Taliban leaders are seen celebrating at an amusement park in Kabul. During this all were armed with weapons. In fact, on August 15, the Taliban captured Afghanistan. Even after coming to power, Taliban fighters are constantly standing in the field. Were. In such a situation, after getting a holiday, he reached Waterside Amusement Park in Kabul and expressed happiness by celebrating the holiday.

Wanted to come to Kabul before
Taliban leaders were seen swinging and sipping tea in the park. Talking to a report, the Taliban leader said – He is very happy to come to the amusement park in Kabul. He and his companions wanted to come to Kabul in the past, but due to the inability to capture Afghanistan and the presence of American forces, they could never come there. Now it feels great to walk in this park.

Taliban fighters walk around the waterside amusement park.

Taliban fighters walk around the waterside amusement park.

Photos of the celebration had come before
Even before this, videos of Taliban leaders celebrating have surfaced. After the occupation of Afghanistan, these people had reached the amusement park and started swinging in the children’s swing. Some people even sat in the children’s electric car and started driving it. Videos of their fun went viral on social media.

Taliban government not recognized
After 20 years with the withdrawal of US forces, the Taliban took control of Afghanistan. And there was an uproar in the whole country. The Afghan army had also succumbed to the Taliban. There is now a Taliban government in Afghanistan. However, governments around the world and the United Nations have not yet formally recognized the Taliban government.

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