Engineer looted car in Noida: miscreants robbed the car from the engineer at Noida: Engineer looted car at gunpoint in Noida

In Surajpur Kotwali area, the miscreants carried out the robbery incident with an engineer. Kidnapped the engineer’s wife and child. Later, the miscreants escaped by throwing them both at a distance of 200 meters along the road. Police say that the case is being investigated. Soon the accused will be arrested.

According to the information, Migson was passing by near the roundabout in a Brezza car with the family of engineers posted in the Oppo company. His wife and daughter were also riding in the car. At the same time, the miscreants took Engineer Nishant at gunpoint. The miscreant left them on the spot and kidnapped his wife and daughter in a car.

Combing is being done in search of miscreants
Later, the miscreant escaped by looting the car, throwing them both on the road, about 200 meters away. He called the police with the help of passers-by. Police reached the spot and started investigating the case. Police officials say combing is being done in search of miscreants. Along with this, other policemen have also been deployed in search of miscreants.


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