Bigg Boss 14: Krishna Abhishek’s wife Kashmira Shah showed hotness in slow motion VIDEO, set her on fire with bikini!


Kashmera Shah hot video

Kashmiri Shah Shared Hot Video & nbsp | & nbsp photo Sincerely: & nbspInstagram


  • Kashmiri Shah is the wife of comedian Krishna Abhishek
  • She has been a part of the TV reality show Bigg Boss
  • Glamor has been discussed on social media, then shared hot video

Mumbai: Kashmira Shah, who has appeared in Bigg Boss 14 and earlier on TV reality shows, has been in the news for her latest bikini video on Instagram. The actress has recently posted a slomotion video on her social media handle and during this time she can be seen in a unique bikini look in a brilliant yellow and black color.

In the recently shared video, Kashmiri is seen in a very relaxed style inside the video. Giving the fans a life lesson with this video, he wrote, ‘Live your life as yourself without any comparison. There is no comparison between the Sun and the Moon. When it is time to shine, both shine. ‘

The Challenger of Bigg Boss 14 has been following very different patterns in her Instagram posts these days as well as giving learnable captions, in which she was seen giving her fans some advice with each of her exclusive bikini shoots. In another poolside video, Kashmiri shared the video a few days ago and advised fans to stay in the present. The actress wrote, ‘Today is a new day. Forget your past and start as soon as today is your tomorrow. ‘

Kashmiri has become very active on social media recently, especially after appearing in Bigg Boss 14, she is in the discussion on the internet.

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Surprisingly, before entering Bigg Boss 14, Kashmiri was in the news for rapid weight loss and major changes. The actress had told in an exclusive interview with ETimes TV that she had lost about 13-14 kg during the lockdown.

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