Republic TV Debate BJP Leader Sambit Patra slams Pakistani panelist said Imran Khan use to beg after every meeting


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has one billion dollars (about 15720 crores Pakistani rupees) deposited in the State Bank of Pakistan which has now been asked to return to Pakistan. Since the maturity of the amount has been completed, the UAE has demanded its money. It is a difficult task to provide this amount for Pakistan, which is facing economic crisis. According to reports in Indian media, top Pakistani officials are trying to contact the Yuvraj of the UAE for a concession but are not getting any response.

On this issue, a debate was organized on Republic TV’s debate show ‘Askat Hai Bharat’ where BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra lashed out at the Pakistani panelists. He said that after every meeting the Prime Minister of Pakistan begging for money from other countries.

Sambit Patra told Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf spokesman Abdul Samad Yakub, “I was watching TV. There was a big summit going on in which all the presidents were reaching.” A man was walking next to the President of the United States, holding a black suitcase in his hand. When I asked, I was told that the nuclear button goes with the President of America.

Sambit Patra further said, ‘When Imran Khan sahib landed, a black bag was also running beside him. We asked what is in it, then it came to know that the bowl is running with Imran Khan. Where they go, there is a bowl in the bag. After the meeting is over, they are giving out the bowl and they are giving it, Putin, De de Biden, Modi ji give little.

Pakistani panellists were angry at Sambit Patra and said that I want to speak on this, but Sambit Patra did not give him a chance to speak, ‘Tomatoes are getting 500 rupees in Pakistan, Maria Bahn ( Pakistani panelist) We will send you tomatoes. How long have you not eaten a catchup? We have sent you the vaccine, will also send you the catchup. For three months, Maria sisters have been eating red color in the name of tomato. ‘

The Pakistani panelist said on this, that there is 40 rupees tomatoes in Pakistan, come to Pakistan.

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