Corona Virus, Corona Infection, Holi, Silvasa – The shadow of Corona hovering over Holi


Businessmen worried about the sale of Holi goods

Silvassa. Holi is seen as a shadow of the virus due to the increase of corona infection. Only a few days of Holi are left and traders are worried about the sale of Holi goods in the markets. The demand for herbal and organic colors remains special on the festival of colors, but businesses are avoiding buying colors. The colors and orders of the pitchers for Holi are also very low this time.

Corona vaccination is going on at 26 places in the district. Everyone is apprehensive, from the children to the elderly, with Corona’s case increasing. Holi is near, but the number of people who buy colors, gulal and pichkari in the market is very less. There is no relief from the administration on the condition of Kovid-19 on Holi due to increase in patients in Kovid Hospital. Two new variants of SARS-COV-2, N440K and E484K, have been found in Maharashtra and Kerala. The tradition of festivals and weddings has started in rural areas. Due to which traffic from both the states continues unabated. This is accelerating the corona infection, which leads to the cancellation of Holi Milan’s programs.

Like last year, this time also the business of colors is seen stagnating.

Traders say that Corona’s panic is not doing anything new. Like last year, this time also the business of colors is showing stagnation. After January, the corona cases were very less, so for Holi, the traders bought the colors one and a half months ago. The goods are lying locked in warehouses. However, this time too less goods were prepared by the traders due to fear of corona. On Holi, traders mostly get color from Hathras. In order to play Holi, orders of pink, green, red, yellow, saffron colored gulal are booked before month.


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