Mumbai Corona Update: Four people died due to corona virus in Mumbai, 373 new patients were found, active cases decreased than before| National News in Hindi

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Internet desk. Cases of corona virus infection are increasing continuously in Mumbai. In the last 24 hours, 373 new cases of corona have been found in the state on Monday in Mumbai. At the same time, about 543 people have been recovered during this period. In a single day, 4 people have died in Mumbai due to the virus. The number of active cases of corona in Mumbai has now come down to more than four thousand.

Mumbai reports 373 new #COVID19 cases, 543 recoveries and 4 deaths.
Active cases 4853

Mumbai had yesterday recorded zero COVID deaths for the first time since 26th March 2020.— ANI (@ANI) October 18, 2021

According to the data of the Greater Mumbai Health Department released by ANI news agency, the death toll from Corona in Greater Mumbai has reached 16,184 so far. So far 7,27627 people have been discharged in Mumbai. The total cases of corona in Mumbai are 751181.

The total number of active corona patients in Mumbai is 4853. At the same time, about 30114 corona tests have been done in Mumbai in the last 24 hours. The corona recovery rate in Mumbai is up to 97 percent.


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