You will be de boarded if don’t wear masks inside aircraft DGCA tightens protocols regarding COVID-19


New Delhi, ANI. Corona virus cases are on the rise once again in the country. Lockdown and night curfews are being reimposed in many states. In such a situation, the government is preparing in advance, due to the laxity of people regarding Corona. In view of the increasing cases of Corona virus, the government has taken a tough decision. Under this rule, if you are caught inside the flight without wearing a mask, then you are removed from the flight. Directorate General of Civil Aviation (Directorate General of Civil Aviation-DGCA) has issued a guideline regarding this.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation-DGCA, if you do not wear masks within the aircraft and also do not follow the guidelines issued for Coronavirus Epidemic, then such In that passenger will be unloaded from the plane. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation-DGCA has also said that if a passenger violates the protocol despite repeated warnings, the passenger will be treated as an Unruly Passenger.

According to the circular issued by the DGCA, passengers must wear masks and follow physical distances during air travel. Passengers will not be allowed to take off masks under their noses. However, under special circumstances, the mask can be done under the nose.

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