MP Board model of remedial classes (english 10th) download pdf


PDF issued for MP Board 10th English Remedial Classes

Material for Remedial Teaching has been prepared to help the English subject in the 10th High School Examination to be conducted by the Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh. Its PDF file has been made available.

It has been said that this material has been prepared according to the blueprint by incorporating those important text items which will prove to be beneficial for effective teaching and for developing average proficiency in English subjects of the students and improving exam results.

Teachers of D and E grade will be listed by teachers in the half-yearly examination. If there is more than 1 section in the school, divide the students in the section based on the grade of the students and place the students of the 1st grade in one section so that they can be taught according to their level. Click here to download MP Board model of remedial classes (english 10th) pdf

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