Avadhut Gupte’s song ‘Jaat’ goes viral throughout the year; Kolhapu behind fame


Avadhut Gupte's song 'Jaat' goes viral throughout the year; Kolhapu behind fame

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Avadhut Gupte’s song ‘Jaat’ goes viral throughout the year; Kolhapu behind fame

Mumbai, October 06: This is the age of social media. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Director, singer, musician Avadhut Gupte (Singer Avadhoot Gupte) Something similar has happened in the case. To a song by Avadhut (Avadhoot Gupte Song) Has received a lot of publicity throughout the year. Avadhut has given information about this in a post on social media. This song is viral (Jaat Rap Song)He has also explained what the Kolhapur connection is.

Avadhut Gupte has posted on Instagram that even God will not be able to tell when and by whom a song will reach the people !! I actually did the rap song “Jaat” last year. But, our Kolhapur Mr. Kuldeepji Kumbhar Saheb heard it now … a few days ago. Then, they called me and said that this song should reach the people and I make special efforts for that. I don’t really know what they did.

But, after that, as if this song has just been released, I got many calls and the views of the song on YouTube also increased! I am indebted to the potter for this. The pest called ‘caste’ is not superficial. It is deeply rooted in the soil. One song is not enough to remove it. But we will keep trying .. what? Right right Whoever kills today .. his hand will hurt tomorrow !! ‘

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Avadhut Gupte is a talented artist who has benefited Marathi cinema. He is a great musician. Besides, we all know that he sings well. Because, along with Avadhut Gupte musician, singer, he is also a producer, director. He is constantly doing many new things. Jai Jai Maharashtra Mazha which he brought in the beginning .. Let it be a song or how the feather of Manmora blossomed .. Let it be a song. He always experimented and people liked him.

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It is true that he did this song with the intention of doing something strange. But anyway, he has tried to give a message from it. The name of this song is ‘Jaat’. He sang this song about a year ago. The lyrics of the rap song Avadhut Gupte Jaat are by Sameer Samant and the music is by Vikram Bam. Avadhut Gupte has given way to his feelings through this song.

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