Best Selling Crime Novel by an 11-year-old author from Pune

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Joshua Bezoy’s first book, Murder at the Leaky Barrel, was written during the Corona epidemic. He wrote this book when he was only 11 years old. Released in July, the book is the best-selling book on Amazon Kindle in India, the US and Australia, and Joshua has become the author of the crime thriller.

The plot of this book is from Ireland. In fact Joshua has never traveled outside India, but he did a lot of research on Ireland to create a realistic environment for the story. He used Google Maps to get information about the roads and places there.

Joshua’s parents, Thomas and Suma, knew that he loved books, that he always kept a diary with him, and that he always wrote something in it. He writes regular notes, whether at home or abroad, but he doesn’t even know he’s writing a novel. After writing some part of the novel, he understood about it.

Bejoy Thomas, an associate professor in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences at IISER Pune, says, “At first we were skeptical that he had started writing short stories but he did not want to share his work. Along with writing, he also drew some cartoons. ”

“Since this is a mystery, we are skeptical about how our family or friends will react. We feared that they would blame us for what Joshua wrote. ” That’s what Suma said. She is a journalist and writes about finance and economy in a Malayalam daily.

Popular Kerala-based publisher Current Books has announced that it will publish a Malayalam translation of ‘Murder at the Leaky Barrel’ and an audiobook is being prepared.

Joshua loves the Harry Potter series and music. He also plays the guitar. These things help him to think and write. Joshua, meanwhile, is working on two more literary genres, but that’s not a murder mystery, he said.

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