Bollywood actress kangana ranaut weight loss diet and workout plan


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Bollywood’s controversial queen Kangana Ranaut is always in the spotlight due to her controversial statement. The harder Kangana puts in for a role, the harder she puts in for her fitness. Kangana had gained a lot of weight for her films ‘Panga’ and ‘Thalayavi’. But the more she gained weight, the faster she lost weight. She has worked hard to get back to her old look. Kangana has lost 5 kg in just 10 days.

According to media reports, Kangana has done Pilates to lose weight. She has also worked on another form of workout. Your body is toned like before. In addition, Kangana does yoga and dance to stay fit. Not only this, Kangana loves to meditate to keep her mind calm.

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Kangana not only works out to maintain a perfect figure but also follows a proper diet. Kangana had kept away oily and junk food during her weight loss journey. What was special was that she had control over her dinner. Because of this, Kangana makes her dinner before 8 o’clock. For dinner Kangana eats vegetable soups, salads and boiled vegetables.

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