Chhindwara News: Investigation of speedy black film, noise pollution and fake number plate

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Publish Date: | Mon, 18 Oct 2021 07:43 PM (IST)

Chhindwara. In order to simplify the investigation of traffic police, an interceptor vehicle equipped with a speed radar gun has been included. With the help of this vehicle, it is easy to check the speed of vehicles, identify the standard of black films, check vehicles causing noise pollution, check fake number plates in vehicles. For the first time, the traffic police got an opportunity to investigate with an interceptor vehicle. . Commercial and other vehicles are being checked whose speed exceeds 80 kmph. Traffic DSP Sudesh Singh said that vehicles will be checked on the roads of urban areas as well as rural areas. Most of the accidents are due to high speed, checking with speed radar gun will reduce the speed of the vehicles and they will run in controlled speed.

– Will get more speed radar gun soon

The district police is trying to check with speed radar guns in all the police stations of the district. At present there are two radar guns and to increase the number, a demand for more guns has been sent, which will be available in the coming days. Along with the traffic police stations, the speed radar guns will also be available in other police stations of the district to check vehicles and road accidents will come down.

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